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2022-11-28 - 12:34 p.m.

DAMN The role for receptionist at my workplace that said FULL Time was wrong

That makes more sense actually.

It was a third party site that said FULL TIME but the description read
"must work every other weekend and part time during the week"

That is another part time casual role

designed to have keep my role part time with a couple part time folks to fill in as needed.

The company site job posting is "casual " employee

Its designed to have LESS full time staff actually and to not have to give benefits.

I mean if they wanted to make someone full time and give full benefits that would be great- but that is precisely what it looks like is being avoided by hiring a few part time casual workers.

My teen could have had a job there by now. I don't understand why she is not following through but at this point somehow have to figure out how to get her to get over her fear/ inaction. It is just not good for her. I know she is an adult but I still think she needs a nudge no matter how much she tell me to leave her alone. That response itself seems so teenage brain!

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