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2022-12-01 - 4:17 p.m.

"I don't want to jinx it"
is what my fam said who did agree the opportunity that I vetted was a great one;
but he thinks he is about to land a full time W2 job.

I am hoping to amplify that intention!
He said he had a few good interviews but the one he is really excited about is a remote job supporting a company headquartered in-

the beloved (by me!) city of Buffalo, NY!

HE is super excited that if he lands that he would have to potentially travel a couple time of year there
and spend time with whatever fam is there at the time.

That would be actually awesome.

So setting forth positive vibes for that job offer for him!

I also had a couple good interviews.

One for a potential client ( 2nd interview- funny that is 4 a company headquartered ironically where a fam member of mine works too! HA HA)

and one for a full time gig. That was just the initial HR screening to see if I meet the basic qualifications and should be referred for the role.

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