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2022-12-06 - 3:58 p.m.

I hope this VEC person who helped me who FINALLY put in a tech ticket has success in getting me the technical support for my VEC account
such that I can actually file claims from mid Oct on.

I got further today with a customer services person after some success:

Today my user EXISTED in the VEC portal!


I cleared my computer cache ( that is the secret for some reason)
and was able to log into the VEC account with the new user that last weeks help support person set up.
I was OSTENSIBLY supposed to be able to go log in and do so every day til I had caught up filing the claims.

But really... good luck having their site work five days in a row without issue! (or more- now it is behind more than 5 weeks.. .From Oct 16th on. Now I was told I am TEN WEEKS behind filing. I tried to fix the problem when it was just a couple weeks behind and got locked; then again and again the intervening weeks when the message kept being given that my computer could not be recognized... then the phone calls....)

SO the help desk person today actually LISTENED and she tried and she could not reactivate my claim. So she put in a technical support request.

HALLALUJA! That is what needed to be done freaking 10 weeks ago. I guarantee if I did not call 10 weeks ago I did nine..or eight at least!!

It is so ridiculous.
But it done.. that task checked off. It only took a few hours. NO kidding.

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