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2022-12-07 - 10:33 p.m.

Cryptobros just have too much money

I mean really

Who is paying the high cost for these?


A guy I was working with wrote a masters thesis on smart contracts. He was asking me what I knew/thought about them.

As a contract manager I know very little about them but considering the dynamic nature of relationships- that they CHANGE
and the dynamic nature of most contracts, which means they need changes to accommodate some changes in the relationship over time-
really modifications are the NORM the whole notion of a "smart contract" one that is immutable and can't be changed to me seems not any more useful than a contract in a pdf file that also may not be edited. I don't see how a hashtag on a contract adds any greater value over a locked signed document. Docusign is sufficient thanks. We have digital signatures already. So I don't see the point of the so called "smart contracts" to be quite honest. Seems like they take up more resources and are an environmental hazard just as much as bit coin. Silly and pointless really. The value in them is what people BELIEVE the value is. That is really what it comes down to.

(except prenups which you know I think I should create a MOVEMENT for contract management of marital and pre-marital agreements!
THAT is the wave of the future!! Seriously

that could be a money making idea....)
I could be the professional MODIFIER of your domestic agreements- I will be CHEAPER than a divorce lawyer and you can figure out an arrangement that might work moving forward!!

I still think my EX kinda went nuts and got violent with me cause all he was worried about was his money.

So Ironic

I cared about supporting each kids interests.
That is the interesting thing.

I think it rather unfair of my oldest to think I just ignored shit and pretended any dysfunction was FINE. I never did! That is the part that surprised me in the oldest's view of me. That she ( and her brother perhaps) think they are the only ones that did any work to resolve their trauma.

So ridiculous.
and the thought that I was oblivious
completely oblivious

Sure I did not know that they were miserable. Cause as kids they did not LOOK miserable. I mean I thought my kids were HAPPY when we moved here to VA (at first).
It all started off well.... the abuse happened I think when legit mental illness set it.

In any case it would be freaking cool actually if my kids created an NFT that gains value HA HA
But the thing is the art only gains value in the NFT if it is actually SOLD. So the artist is not the one making the money on its creation. Only the collectors are- that kinda sucks for the artist. It seems exploitive in way.

Artists are not making the money on the NFTS. That is what sucks. ONLY RICH people who know about this are making money on it.

Crypto bros....

I might have already posted this cause thought it so funny
forgive me if I forget...
cause it is so fun I had to listen again.

I present Griefcat's song Cryptobro

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