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2022-12-08 - 11:06 a.m.


The problem with being out of work for months is that when one does not use an application for a while

there is the RE-LEARNING Curve!!

Or maybe more accurately -
When I do not use an application for a little while...

I like using sharepoint to save files. (NOT everyone does! I LIKE That it captured EVERY version of a file. Adept users can go in and review EVERY change saved and see the whole history. I find that useful. Particularly to be honest when I was working on cleaning up templates for companies. When used properly then I could go in and FIND stupid changes and UNDO them by restoring the file back to the GOOD VERSION

I was the user who on occasion made the mistake of saving a stupid change LOL
then had to go in and UNDO

YES FAVORITE feature BY FAR is that drop down where you click FILE HISTORY
and the *Restore
button to *poof* like magic have th most recent version of a file be the version you want restored. That is the quick fix if make a mistake of making a bunch of changes to a draft file and mistakenly ACCEPTING them when wanted them to remain visible in the version anyone would see if they open the file.

Which is why in some environments I found it frustrating when the operations admins set that field to not be accessible to the daily users of the systems.

I mean I get it
They did not want ANYONE Changing records.

well the drafter should be allowed to change the files!

* That being MY ROLE am my actual added value it was really frustrating to not be able to me most efficient.

Sometimes someone invertedly SAVED A file when they intended to use a template to create a new document for a client for instance.

If you open the template but FORGET to IMMEDIATE save your new document with a new name it then overwrites and all your changes -

FOR YOU Sale of widgets to Joe blow

and that those particular specifications of the exact NEON GREEN fancy glow in the dark widgets

AS WELL As JOE BLOWS Personal data

end up in your freaking template.

other users don't want to know all about that.....

Keep Joe Blows' widget fetish private please.

* JUST as an example-

you get it.

SOoooo It was a learning curve today

A Re-learning curve today

As I am in a new system for a new company supporting

and lo and behold they use Sharepoint.

I am good with that.

Once back in the game.

BUT I did it

I redlined a doc

and I made the fatal flaw of not saving a NEW VERSION before editing the one that was sent to me.

SEE technically one should NOT save a new version cause the idea of a SHARED Drive is that I can go in an click REVIEW on a word doc and then have my redlines visible for all to interactively then see.

BUT the thing is-
I then had to ALSO make a clean and SIGN the document and send it off for signature.


I NEVER make any change, no matter how small it is, to a document without sending both the redlined version and the clean.

That is my professional ethic-

that ALL SUBSTANTIVE CHANGES are transparent;

It can be irritating to some when people are purists with this.

I don't feel the need to make it obvious when I correct EVERY misspelling or remove spaces
I mean really

ESPECIALLY if there is a large team involved.

I hate those fucker contract managers who call out every fucking little nit in a group forum.

Don't be such an ass.

Clean up the damn document quietly and do your job of quality control without calling out other people's simple misspelling.

That fucking IRRITATES me when there are SANCTIMONIUS sounding bitchy emails calling out nonsense fucking little nits that is ABSOLUTELY A WASTE OF EVERYONE'S TIME
and have no fucking point but to make you bitchy insecure ass feel better than everyone else in the moment.

But maybe it is just me that feels that way. I just think it is not team playing. It is rude.


I have better social skills for sure than some... they don't get it... and they could never be anything other than an exceptional but bitchy quality person.

WE NEED those people doing the detail work!

I mean I LiKE working with some of them - I NEED Them
I particularlly like when I can get them to realize they can just make clean up changes with me and it doesn't really matter who the fuck made the mistake ( this is when in a large company)
as final doc preparer (if working for a large company) it is gratifying to develop a RELATIONSHIP with the finicky perfectionists who are on a collaborative team and get them to just send me request for correction
and get them to understand I am not going to CALL OUT and waste time on back and forth to change
NON SUBSTANTIVE shit like formatting.

The ones I love working with best understand I am Happy if they are the final doc preparer to have them do non substantive clean up

But don't fucking make substantive changes to the MEANING of language and an actual agreement without calling it out in a redline. That is just fucking SNEAKY and UNETHICAL
and anyone in this profession knows it when they see it.

SO.... this AM I had minimal redlines.
But it took me far too long to realize

FUCK I VERY Quickly edited a doc. made a clean, ready to flip back

BUT Damn forgot to save the new clean as a new file. WELL To be more accurate I DID Save the new clean

BUT What I had not done was be sure to SAVE the REDLINED VERSION

Somehow I think autosave was on. I should have saved the redlines BEFORE ACCEPTING CHANGES

That was my fatal flaw.

I accepted all changes and then saved a NEW CLEAN FILE

Now that Sharepoint idea only works if everyone vested in in the sharepoint REAL TIME

so when they are NOT ( which trust me folks NEVER ARE) Despite file history one STILL have to download and save both a final with accepted changes and the redlined and the original


here is the kicker


So theoretically I can just sign the clean and send internally if internal doc. OR give access externally ( some companies do this! ) to ONLY The document
and theoretically I would not need to save multiple versions.

Every user can just go in and SEE them all

Click each and review to understand the changes.

We are not yet there yet.
Even among techie suave folks

we are not yet there.

It is so funny to me how many CEOS have not yet even adopted comfort level of using electronic signatures.

Honestly the fortune 100 companies in tech spaces have been using them for 20 years now.

OK good to be working. Even if that was not the most efficient as after not succeessfully recovering my prior version of redlines to save it-
I had to do the work around of DOCUMENT COMPARE in Word using the original and the final.

That my friends is a GREAT TIP.,-Open%20one%20of&text=On%20the%20Tools%20menu%2C%20point,document%2C%20and%20then%20click%20OK.

Cant believe I had to do that today !


Will be good to get substantive work and get back in the game. (OK I did do some on Monday too. That was substantive. But ready for more for sure. You can tell by how often writing here!)

My skills will sharpen quickly but today felt a bit rusty!!

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