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2022-12-09 - 10:52 a.m.

OH fuck

Why can't I just be a professional writer and be able to get in flow writing for hours each morning and get PAID FOR IT?

I swear that is the vision to work on once through this phase of supporting my family.

Cause that is what I DO.
Its what I Like to do

and I write and then its like a freaking TIME WARP

HOURS disappeared.

I now, after morning page... *DAMN I have to be disciplined and only do those in ling hand in a notebook from now on.. Said it before but did now follow through!

I have a party at 1pm. Smack in middle of day.
Then at 3pm I work! *YEAH
But they are also sending work which means...with the events.. I should have already been doing that work for a couple hours ( if it is in my in box).

Cause I also have to get a GIFT as the party is a baby shower! I WANT TO SHOW UP

It is for a marvelous CNA.
Heck I should just give her a gift card and nice card. She ALSO just PASSED HER NURSING BOARDS!!

The time of during her high risk pregnancy when the dr put her on bed rest gave her time to study! And she took the exam and her co workers are so thrilled for her!! This is a working mom with other kids.
We are over the moon for her...
I have to show up!
So have to be efficient with these calls.

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