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2022-12-09 - 3:51 p.m.

Event canceled showing up to support our Jewish neighbors against anti-semitism. I was showing up as thought with the last minute planning would see two or three lone folks and figured would stand in solidarity mainly so any Jewish kids leaving school could be greeted with support someone cares. Only ones outside school that received graffiti in our area (again) are the Sheriff. Perhaps the group was told need to be mindful of their own safety and coordinating with the town and school for permission is a better way to go.

Ok so that little small thing of support offered not happening.

I am glad there are some folks who go to effort to be sure hate crimes are not ignored.

It just makes me sad to know the kid I saw with a mask on his face at the gun shop with a group of men spewing racist ugly things at the town rally against hate in support of unity is the sane one with an internship in a federal agency.

He has a brown skinned adopted brother and he is resentful and racist
And the brother struggled with addiction as the blond chosen one ( birth child of honestly I think really good parents. I mean I don't believe they taught him the racism), but they could not stop him from learning it
And from hating his adopted brother

And it's awful
As the adopted brother is the sweet nice kid...

He thankfully made it through his troubles

But I think of this as that same gun shop sells swag with neo nazi shit.

Others called it out in the community ( FB and what not).

And it's the same hatred of others when teaching anti Semitism as racism.

So in this Hallmark Holiday looking small town America there is the reality of that hidden ugliness. It's just tragic that undercurrent is literally all around us. (I mean how can it not be when it informed and still informs fundamental things such as who can own property, who can get a loan, who can start a business with a loan, etc... who can hold power and decision for us all.
That these kids are taught to hate others in some families or learn it in school from peers in other cases in these patriotic American small towns.

So yeah

I show up.
To say no more please.

It's really all I can do at this point. But again, it just makes me sad. I think saddened as at the event last night I heard someone go on about how disgusted they were that our President was calling Brittney Griner one of America's best. There is a feeling of judgement at her violation of not being mindful of the laws of Russia when she traveled. There is this JUDGEMENT that she DESERVED to be arrested and that she is not Patriotic. *I had not heard of this, but apparently she wanted to sit out the playing of the National Anthem before games and questioned why that became a tradition at sporting events. I did not know that but this lady did- and she said she finds it offensive. SO she essentially was ... what? Saying that our country should not have helped her? But then the "It is not about race, or LGBTQ or anything" which she uttered kinda baffled me and astounded me cause if you don't see race well then why mention it? If you are not bothered by her being lesbian why bring it up and say you don't care who she loves? and focus on the act of her protest as if it is the most egregious unAmercan and unPatriotic act making her deserve to be arrested and thrown in prison for what would be a midemeanor? I mean there was no logic in her ANGER at this. I can't help think that if it were a while MALE basketball player with the traditional family of a wife and a couple kids and a white picket fence in a neighborhood like ours that her visceral REACTION to the new yesterday would have been very different. Her response truth be told struck me as very EMOTIONAL and yes perhaps she is not racist or homophobic Maybe she is not and maybe she is just so pro our U.S.A. with such reverence and respect and the transgression of Britany not standing respectfully for the national anthem was really enough to make her so angry. However I would think that would have made her angry THEN and what I don't get is the anger and disdain thinking that EVEN IF you thought Britany was WRONG to not show respect at the games when the flag is raised Well... I mean now I can see that being upset in a way considering that. BUT- to be angry that our country is helping her? I don't get that. I don't understand that at all. I agree there may be more respectful ways to exercise free speech than that chosen moment at a ball game BUT respect the free speech used in the moment of limelight to call attention to the things we need to improve in America- the racism that is very real. I GET IT so I don't find it unAmerican or un patriotic at all when there are acts of protest to say we must do better. I find nothing MORE at the heart of our democracy. (BUT yeah- find your platform without shitting on others expression of patriotism. Find a better WAY A better , more effective moment... I mean I GET it thinking that just goes too far... it does not make some listen to your cause but shuts down the conversation and obviously just incites anger. It is not helpful! BUT The thinking "Well you went to Russia with total disregard for their laws." so "you deserve to sit in jail" to me is so harsh. I honestly have trouble empathizing with that point of view. I mean sure I get it- accountability for actions. I get that part. But what I don't get is the ANGER at it. The ANGER is not because you are upset this gal was released from jail... I mean that makes no sense. It is upset that our country went to bat for her AND WHY ? I mean I can't see any reason someone would feel like that. I watched this interview now- never saw it before. I just don't understand how some could be bitter that she was released and other Americans imprisoned were not. In prior hostage release situations there was no backlash like that. In those cases there were ALSO others imprisoned still left behind. The U.S. needs to continue to negotiate and work on the release of those as well. IN any case a the table I sat at there was this really temperate gentle man. I so appreciated his quiet demeanor and how he said to the lady really venting about this how he has trouble with the Bible passage of the prodigal son. He said if he were the brother of that son who came back after off gallivanting while he stayed home working his butt off doing all he should for his father- he would have been PISSED absolutely livid He said maybe they both could read that passage and see how it guides to have grace and acceptance of the prodigal who came home. He said he would bet at the next basketball game Brittany Griner will stand and sing our National Anthem. She has returned home.

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