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2022-12-09 - 11:23 p.m.

LOL Friday night binge watching Firefly Lane on Netflix, which I first watched with my bestie when she was taking care of some creepy dude who lived way the fuck out in the boonies in MD and I came to save her. ( Hung out there politely and then she left with me. It was a JOB and she was the caretaker of this guy's medical needs but of course he was trying to get her to sleep with him. He wanted a relationship, cause who would not want to have to pay for the labor of their caretaker? Misogynistic dude's of course assume if suddenly sleeping with a woman their golden cock replaces cold hard cash for work of caretaking and housecleaning.
So she had to get out of that situation fast.. as soon as got paid.

Anyway, I drove out into the middle of nowhere in Feb in snow up these windy mountains (maybe it was WVA? Now I forget)

And we did eat a meal with the dude and sat and watched an episode of the show in his really beautiful home. It was a gorgeous mountain lodge designed very mascaline- all wood and rustic, and he was very gracious about her hanging there watching Neflix with her bestie and putting on whatever she chose.

She wanted me to see that show (they both had already watched some of it).

Well, it is cracking me up as once again I noticed that a couple clothing items reminded me of how I dress (worn by the character Tully)

But then once again-- an EXACT item was chosen by the costumer which could have been lifted from my closet!

NO lie


S2 E4 "Papa Don't Preach" of Firefly Lane
That fabulous white sweater dress with a cowel neck just happens to be a Gucci dress.

I bought mine of course at a thrift store here in this fancy area I live in. And of course I bought it in the 2000s a good ten years after it was in style when some fashionable lady cleaned out her closet. I probably paid $10 or $15 for that Gucci dress!

I gave it up only two years ago when I decided after the weight gain of Covid that I might never fit in it again. It is fitted. You need the flat stomach of a runner for that dress! I mean a little extra in the tummy just shows and I decided it was time to let it go along with other clothing items which just did not look good on me at the time cause I have far too many clothes as it is.
I think the injury not being able to run was not bothering me all that much til I tried on that dress and it was just disappointing how it did not look good! So it was time to let it go.

Heck I also had to downsize! I have so many clothes a costume designer could raid my wardrobe for a show spanning three or four decades.
Which I swear that show delights me as the costume designed literally could have raided my closet!!

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