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2022-12-09 - 12:54 p.m.

OOPS I am not going to the baby shower. I will bring the gal a card.

I wrote it on my calendar but failed (apparently) to write the address.

I thought I captured all the info.

My own fault.

I helped make the invite at work one weekend. I know I could call and ask the gal working to look it up in the computer.
But at this point I am going to keep working on this quest of the oral surgeon.

I KNOW that the Delta Dental policy is a rider.
And it is also distinct insurance ( separate policy) from the overarching medical insurance provider.

HOWEVER it will be cheaper to find an oral surgeon who takes BOTH.

And then the Aetna will possibly cover co pays. Although dental under that aetna policy has a carve out "does not contribute to deductible" Swear I read that...?

no matter as that is my ex's concern... what contributes to his deductible

and he is of course an ass who can pull any medical bills and pretend he paid them and reduce HIS costs without freaking giving me a dime

but that is another fucking story

AT LEAST he always does get the best insurance.
Looks like the family plan has a family deductible of only $4000.

wish I could have afforded a policy like that.
After you pay your deductible things are covered...
But the carve out for dental not being part of that sucks.

Trying to see if there might be an office that takes BOTH the medical insurance and the rider... cause that might reduce costs. They might look at medical need for the wisdom teeth pull.

Its such a job just to do that...

called a few that were on BOTH lists and no availability this month.

But this is only necessary cause everyone in this family is difficult about sharing essential information even when they want help.

I mean WTF

Just send me the damn insurance card already.

I have to fucking work without critical info.

But no one else is going to get it done so I am doing it for the sake of my kid.

Its just irritating so ranting vent before calling more offices.

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