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2022-12-09 - 12:08 p.m.

Fucking A Of course the office for MY scheduling for my medical needs is closed for lunch noon to 1pm. It was like a recognizance effort to find the data to be able to schedule the appointment for my kid for her wisdom teeth pull

which yeah she did say wanted done.

But which she clearly needs help to achieve the goal of if it is to be done now while she actually has good Dental Insurance.

Doing the kid's Dad a favor so he can cancel her from the Dental Insurance without any concern.

* Wise fiscally
I get that

Not that he would have qualms about that anyway... but in event he did think it was worth keeping
better to get it done now.. but that is ancillary to the reason doing it. I only mention that as the guy could be willing to give info and collaborate without be difficult. He never it. He can't just give the info needed to get shit done.

AND YEAH The oral surgeon can fit the kid in this month.
I have two tentative appointments scheduled

Provided that they actually confirm the insurance is accepted. I expect a bill of around $800 to be honest for all four wisdom teeth pulled (after insurance.)

I mean based on what I read Wisdom Teeth removal is about $4000 without insurance.

Figure with insurance a couple to a few hundred dollars per tooth.

I figure help the kid get this done when there is dental insurance. Ostensibly cheaper to have all four done at once (which her dentist recommended...or rather orthodontist. This is the first kid to get braces. )
Of course I can pick up dental insurance if I land a full time role.
BUT as that is not something I KNOW will happen feel like take care of this now while can.

Whew.. one appointment scheduled. I did that first as it seems the more timely one- I mean it was this month or not at all ( in the foreseeable future).
Since has the refererral now - get it done!

Heck I did not see a dentist for about seven years. I mean I can see once this is done as this kid takes care of her teeth she will be fine without dental insurance for some time! ZERO CAVITIES!!
YEAH for her!
Braces done.
She uses a retainer to maintin the correction.

So it only makes sense to finish the teeth care and be done with it as she launches off into her own into adulthood.

Merry Christmas.
Your gift is oral surgery kid.
*I have to think of something else too! Still trying to brainstorm and not coming up with any great ideas.
Makerspace membership was shot down,
Masterclass memebrshio shot down.

Best I can come up with is the Community college catalogue under the tree- and pick a class, ANY CLASS that you might enjoy,

CRAP Can't schedule my appointment now..and I have the party at 2 and work at 3pm. DARN Got one thing on the to do done today! Maybe I will fit in a call later for my appointment. The bad news is OF COURSE the dentist can fit in the kid BUT it is the Same darn time as when I scheduled the counseling appointment for the consulting visit ( that they insist on before surgery. I recall when I got my teeth pulled there were no niceties or required first appointment. Just show up an the doc yanked all four of my teeth. So that is a new intake before hand. Honestly.... it happened for some other medical thing in the past couple of years. I forget what- but seems questionable that is necessary.) So I have to call to confirm the dental insurance covers that and if so move the counseling appointment.

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