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2022-12-14 - 10:26 p.m.

Undoubtedly this is "imposter syndrome" as I completed my timesheet in UPWORK for the client I landed there.

YES I actually found a very good client via UPwork.
And I did a task that I hoped would be done in HALF the time it took me. (FOR REAL)

But it was a complicated one. Not simple; and I did a thorough job.

Now I know I am a decent investment. I know There is a ROI should clients be willing to undergo following the suggestions I make.


The task just took me what feels like a long time, to get done well to completion.

BUT IT STILL Felt kinda awful to be ledgering the ACTUAL time the task took. I always assume others would be faster. But I also know others will not see all the ways of improving a document I see. But then I worry there will not be confidence in arguing over terms of an agreement when I hand my deliverable of the contract with my recommended edits and comments.

I can't worry about it.

It is what it is. I ledgered the actual time ( sorta I may have worked a bit longer than billed for... but not much more... and the agreement is for me to work up to 10 hrs a week. Yeah I hit 10 hrs for this client this week.)

I also had work for my other client!
That took just a couple hours. (if that. I am not sure if I have 1.5 or 2 hrs billable hrs. I wrote that down when did the work and honestly I forget already as it was Monday...

AH looked that up and it was Mon and Tue did work for other client for a total of FIVE Hours! ( Time flies when having fun!

But it was a good week!

I have a contract for the one client not to exceed 10 hrs a week.
I ledgered 10 in upwork. OK just level set and looked at the actuals ( as I did keep in my notebook the actuals!)
I really worked
12th 2 hrs
13th 8.5
14th 4.25

I just have to do a through job. Honestly I would rather do some extra hours of non paid work (Or reduce the amt paid per hour... that is one way to think about it; than rush and hand in subpar work cause I am not going to work beyond the hours agreed.
Its a time management thing- getting quick and efficient while also retaining quality! I have been out of the swing of it for recent months so I know my work will be done more quickly soon enough as I ramp up getting into routine!

OK off to bed...

Happy to have work!

I did have a panel interview yesterday too for a full time job. Truth be told I would almost prefer to not land it and land another couple clients.

So will see what happens!

Tomorrow I will pay a visit to the local business whose owners BID ON ME And WON my services at the Christmas Party in town that had a silent auction! They were super nice and fun to sit with.I had a really good time meeting them.

I am really happy to be able to do some work in the local community! I have five hours of work to support them !

They are going to give me their subcontract template and I will do a scrub and improvement of it.

That should actually be fun. I once again am SURE it will take me MORE than five hours because in this particular case they work in an industry I don't have extensive experience in, so I will have the learning curve of learning some new things and I am SURE will do research when I have questions and want to understand something more. That is however the kind of work I just ENJOY!!

Its true that if you enjoy what you are doing it doesn't feel like work.

I never thought legal analysis would fall into that category!
But sometimes for me it truly does! When doing a careful read of a contract and working on it there are so many different issues that arise. I dig deep in understanding them. I literally refuse to sign a contract unless I actually understand ( OR THINK I UNDERSTAND LOL ) Every part of it!!

I mean EVERY Part of it.


So a contract review can take any where from one hour to one whole week - with almost every hour of each of those 5 eight hours a day spend on working on it in some capacity.

YEAH some are that complex....or rather I should say, some are that POORLY Written by others that when they come to me they require some major sections to be re-written!( HA HA Sounds so cocky but I swear it is true!)

*But those are usually the ones that are negotiated and have some attorney or contract manager on the other side and we go back and forth.

OK Off to bed!!

It was just so nice to have ACTUAL work this week!!

AND today stopped working at 12:30 to take kid to the oral surgeon for the basic teeth exam, eval and prep for wisdom teeth pull.

YEAH The kid has three impacted wisdom teeth and one that is partially impacted so good idea for them to all be pulled.

This oral surgeon said confidently
"IT will take me 35 minutes to pull all four"

They ran the Dental insurance and the estimate of the bill I have to pay was $136 I think. * Or $163.... one of the two...
Delta Dental covers 90% of the cost of this as because the teeth are impacted it is considered medically necessary. (Also I am sure based on the notes from the orthodontist who fixed her teeth with braces over the past couple years. They were just taken off in July which is when he referred her to have the wisdom teeth all pulled out.)
What a relief! I Am feeling like we are so BLESSED to have found this oral surgeon who would fit the kid in before the end of DEC ( since her dental insurance ends this month!)

SO GLAD that will be taken care of for the kid!!
Just one less thing to have to worry about. I have heard from one person ( ok heard from my sometimes, once in a blue moon younger lover) that he had headaches for years- bad migraines, and they STOPPED after he had his wisdom teeth pulled in recent years. He had no idea there was any correlation and wished he had his pulled out sooner!

So it was such a great week so far! ACTUAL WORK!

I still need to wrap up my VEC claims for the weeks in OCT and NOV when did not have work. I don't want to FORGET to do that!
I have to remember to try again tomorrow to see if I can access the system yet. The tech support folks ostensibly were asked to fix the glitch. Will see....
Still not optimistic.

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