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2022-12-16 - 11:51 a.m.

OK risk assessment
I need to keep my health insurance for sure to get this taken care of.

How common is endometrial hyperplasia?
Endometrial hyperplasia is rare. It affects approximately 133 out of 100,000 women.
from American Cancer Society

"Endometrial hyperplasia is an increased growth of the endometrium. Mild or simple hyperplasia, the most common type, has a very small risk of becoming cancer. It may go away on its own or after treatment with hormone therapy. If the hyperplasia is called “atypical,” it has a higher chance of becoming a cancer. Simple atypical hyperplasia turns into cancer in about 8% of cases if it’s not treated. Complex atypical hyperplasia (CAH) has a risk of becoming cancer in up to 29% of cases if it's not treated, and the risk of having an undetected endometrial cancer is even higher. For this reason, CAH is usually treated. (Treatment is discussed in Can endometrial cancer be prevented?)

What is the difference between simple and complex atypical endometrial hyperplasia?
In simple(cystic) hyperplasia, the glands are cystically dilated and surrounded by abundant cellular stroma, whereas in complex(adenomatous) hyperplasia, the glands are crowded together with little intervening stroma. Endometrial hyperplasia is a common cause of abnormal uterine bleeding.

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