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2022-12-20 - 8:41 p.m.

A woman's perogative is to change her mind! HA HA LOL

To revise- when I said "I won't write til after the Christmas Tree up!"
What I really meant was

I won't PROCRATINATE the scary responsibilities by WRITING And will just get it done!


so It is now bedtime and I had my bath so this is not procrastinating.

This is just to share the delightful news that the newest board member who is now our GRANT DIRECTOR

is marvelous for the arts org.

We have not had anyone in that role in a year since a truly wonderful lady passed away. She was a gem of a person, and had aggressive cancer. Her daughter is a friend of one of mine ( friends with the one who is a teacher. They went to religious ed at the Catholic Church together growing up.)

Well I mentioned the community foundation to her as I wanted her to understand that we should keep doing that Give Choose campaign even though we don't receive much money as it is all about the relationship. Cause community foundations match RICH Donors with orgs of their interest.
and furthermore she wrote an email clarifying that she did nothing for the recent grant the board was giving her credit for. I told her I did not need credit but mentioned that to her just to be clear she knew where it came from and to continue the relationship.

However it was really thoughtful of her to give credit where due anyway. It was not however about me. I just did not want the board to give up on the Give Choose Campaign which I kept alive when they were lukewarm about it ( mainly I know cause some of them did not like me and they are childish. BUT if they embrace it THIS YEAR that would be just amazing as this new gal wants to run it. I would be thrilled to see them leverage it.)


Its all about the kids.

Nurodivergent kids who don't fit in anywhere else except when on stage.

I think only now did I just realize why this is important to me.

I kept saying it is cause of my son etc..

But I just realized it is because I was one of those kids.

So the Community Foundation this week sent ANOTHER donation from donors they help find what makes their heart sing ( and helps their end of year taxes. This the season to give away money , or send retainers for the benefit of corporate books HA HA.)

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