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2022-12-21 - 6:01 p.m.


That is how long today I navigated the VEC site.
OK so I clearly lied.
I said would not waste time writing until got my tree up.
That I was going to focus.

But of course that promise to not procrastinate by anxiety writing ENDED the moment I once again got BUMPED from the VEC site.

What the hell??
I FELT like making progress.
I got as far as clicking in to reactive claim.
The system THIS TIME would advance beyond the direct deposit page.

I spent MUCH Time thoughfully answering questions
THEN was trying to click backspace in a field of text to delete and more carefully rephrase something I wrote and it did that thing where it took the page back
to the prior page
which in many operations systems BUMPS you out of the system


I mean I was at the end of MANY Questions
about why I have a business
and part time job
and what kind of work I do for what pay etc....

I was giving much detail

THEN I had the resiliancy to TRY AGAIN TODAY
like usual
and got through ANOTHER questionaire-
another inquiry this time focused specifically on my own company. Gave so much detail about it

Customer Self Service is Offline
Virginia Employment Commission - Home
The system is currently undergoing maintenance. Pardon the interruption. We will be back online as soon as possible.
You can file a claim using the IVR by calling 1-866-832-2363 or file a weekly claim by calling 1-800-897-5630.

Thank you for your patience.


6pm SHARP and I was not done when MUCH NEEDED system maintenance began.

I got bumped before I could finish.

Bloody hell.

This is so aggravating and such a time sucker.

I mean I have work to do.
I have a contract to review but truth be told I AM TIRED

so I wanted to be productive but trying to do the stuff that does not take as much mental energy. I mean yeah VEC is frustrating but it is still easier than rewriting a kinda bad legal provision.

I have a task that needs me on my A game.

I wanted to knock off the other stuff on my list , nap , and then get back to the client's project.

OK VENT Done...
back at it.

OH well, just annoyed wasting two fucking hours of MY TIME when I have actual TWO HOURS Of RARE FREAKING WORK with my own client tonight.

I also hope the claim is not fucked up. I mean I was supposed to be able to go back in an reopen FROM OCTOBER cause I spoke with MULITPLE folks who said that I could do that.
But it said something like "effective DEC 18"

NO I don't WANT to file a claim for THIS WEEK

I am trying to reopen and file the data from OCT and NOV

OMG I swear I am so ready for a nap.


Maybe that will help cause another task to do.
I have to pay the registration fee.
I have only $100 in my business account.

None of the clients PAID Me yet. I did send a NOV invoice that was not yet paid now that I think about it. The client that asked if I wanted a retainer said they are cutting checks on the 23rd.
I expect they will cut a check for both NOV and DEC.

Since they are late with their invoicing, I can see why they wanted to just pay a retainer and then have me draw upon it with monthly invoices deducting from the retainer. They are accountable for a % late fee.

So this DEC invoice needs to add the NOV balance and the LATE FEE as well as the DEC hours worked invoiced for.

OK back to it. I have a couple other admin things to do for my business. I am tired so only the essentials done and then work on the contract I have to review.
I am tired; so a nap will be soon, before the contract work.

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