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2022-12-29 - 3:08 p.m.

Just checked with the kids, and they were enjoying the day still in PA. They were just getting back from going to antique stores.
Nice they are enjoying each others company there.

My oldest said she was hoping to leave early today but that obviously changed.

So the ETA now is 6pm which is great.

As I got a contract it.

so I am going to work now for the next couple of hours.

Knock of my review-

I have found FRIENDS on you tube. ( Some site showing it- says "Learn to Watch English with FRIENDS!" HA HA So it is a pirated version with captions being marketed in Asia that fortunately I could get.

We always play some silly game when we get together for Christmas.
I found a FRIENDS game for .25 at the Thrift store.

So that is this year's Christmas Family Game.

I am going to make the kids watch Friends as we open gifts and then we can play the trivia game. See who was paying attention!

I don't think I actually ever even saw the first episodes of the first season. I started Listening in as other's watched it as I was working. I did catch a few episodes

BAck in the day... I was the manager of a group home and it took a while to figure out why whatever the Recreation Therapist had scedudled for Wed nights NEVER happened. The staff just would not do it!

I finally figured out it was cause they wanted to watch Friends; and you know the residents too were hooked on it!

SO I let the Activity Director know-

Hey stop scheuling stuff, activities in the community Wed nights. No one wants to go!

Hey Person Centered Care!


It was actually the thing that group home bonded over. Everyone piled into the large living room and watched Friends every Wed night.

I had paperwork, but moreso I kinda wanted to stay out of the way... I sometimes joined them... but you know I was the boss.You know how it is... ha ha

I remember our Developmental Specialist ( that was her job title. She worked on the goals for each resident and the tracking to see progress etc...) was a really class gal. She made popcorn for all.

Ok- to work for a bit.
My son sent some fancy popcorn drizzled with chocolate so that will be fun to share was we watch a couple episodes then play games after dinner.

I am broiling the lamb and asparagas and will make Yorkshire Pudding. It is typically made and served with Roast Beef but I think it will cook well right under the lamb catching the drippings actually (cause lamb is not that fat so there is not that much fat rendereing off and the best way to make Yorkshire pudding is with the actual drippings!)
Will be a bit of an experiement but hope can time it right. Once the lamb is done and resting the oven can be set to the right temp to finish cooking and puff up nicely!

I suppose I can open a cheater gravey to do with it. ( I have some- or rather make one- I have a mix.)

Our lovely basement tenant gave us this delicious chocolate moose Cake that says Merry Christmas. I ate a couple slices off the end but it still looks lovely so the kids can all enjoy it for dessert.
I am going to pour a nice glass of red wine left from the bottle my DC guy brought when he was over for Christmas Eve.

I am looking forward to this celebration!

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