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2023-01-01 - 4:00 p.m.

Kudos to my bestie out in CA. She treated herself to a last min hotel room miraculously found ( if I know her she capitalized on someone's last min cancelation and smoozing to get in cue if something opened up) and reported she rested well, then woke at 11:30 pm and found herself able to somehow get into the nightclub where she reports had a blast dancing 💃 on the bar top, at the top of the hr ringing in the New Year
And enjoyed dancing into wee hrs of morning.

That's my girl!

Here's to non drinkers who know how to sleep first then dance the early AM hrs with the best of em.

My kind of celebration, best when shared with girlfriends out dancing in a group truth be told ( even when some of them are drinkers. I dont mind if not out of control drunks needing babysitting).

I honestly prefer the non drinkers as find them overall more fun and more inclined to just get out there unabashed without worry or wait for some self conscious filter to dissolve along with their common sense and dancing ability!!

Lol drunk dancers not the best partners 🤣 😂 Good sober dancers better

And for me who loves dancing
It is one of the best activities to enjoy in celebration but not to be diminished by sloppy drunken folk or folks not there to really just joyfully enjoy the moment.

So happy to hear she got out! 💓

In other news now that done invite for a party cane in. Happy to invite DC guy to go with me...

After all Said abd venting my passes off him just not into me reaction...

Well invite came in and invited him. Yeah it will be fun. Nice to see my friend and bring him along.

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