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2023-01-04 - 8:25 p.m.

OMG I am fucking impressed at the brilliance of this gal.

There is a documentary about how she and her partner successfully created one of the largest commercial cannabis farms
with NOT financing of big agribusiness

BUT SMALL collective of farmers. CO OP Style

Fucking brilliant.

She had rocked it as a developer before- in VA and in Colorado

and after living in Middleburg working as a mason in the rural area surrounded by farms- hell she learned much about farming.

AND then moved West to Colorado and found a large plot of land in a tiny area with only 100 residents in a town

and there is a documentary about how she and her business partner

FIRST WORKED with the small town to get their support of a cannabis farm

AND the support of ZONING a commercial area to support Cannabis growth

and housing


SO basically the whole town is now growing and being populated by GROWERS who buy land and make that their livelihood.

A once dead town revitalized by cannabis farms that are now legal in Colorado.

Cause she, as a developer, who learned how to navigate local politics-

they set the stage.


Amazing story.

The town itself had less than $100 in their account with 100 residents and little work for folks.
A few small businesses.
Folks commuting

So now there is a social equity program model of their business model.

Now working with the Colorado med board licensing for dispensaries etc..

AMAZING partnership. Of course these two are working on financing

So they are making money on the deal of course.

Just very interesting to read and then listen to the documentary on this farming venture.

I know the first cannabis producers here where I live. The couple has been using their land for cattle and eggs for years. They were at the farmer's market for years. She also is a physical therapist in the local office that I went to (where they are excellent! That Dr. is the best!)

Her daughter same age and was friends with one of mine in preschool. And they have the first farm right in my neighborhood.

There was info on that at the PT office.

Interesting to watch.

Hell I am not one that even imbibes; but I still think it cool stuff. I wanted no part of anything illegal so really know nothing about it- but think it is fascinating that the U.S. Govt has been the entity that invested most in studies to find out the positive health possibilities historically. I mean the underground illegal industry was fueled by so called recreational use ( even if some/many were "self medicating"). It was our Govt who did the actual backing of scientific research that led to legalization. I for one am glad there is a LEGAL avenue for this plant cause I think the danger of it not being legal is the comingling of its production/distribution by black market means with all the other SHIT out there that destroys lives- the hard drugs no justification of every being produced. I mean NO MEDICAL reason for them. Just what they hell- why produce shit that just KILLS and creates such havoc on society? I don't get it.. (OK but for the morphine drip which is giving end of life pain relief to so many in Hospice. Really old people don't need to be dying in states of acute pain for months. But no one knows the answer to limit usage to just that one thing....) So the segregation by legalizing cannabis to me takes it out of being part of the awful underground. I don't know much about its legalization to be honest- as not one who cared to pay much attention. I mean some states legal some not still? Is federal law not yet caught up with states? Are they inconsistent still? I haven't paid much attention other than to notice this: As we drove into Manhattan I commented to my daughter driving "AH, the smell of NYC!" and my kid said "Mom that is the smell of weed" and I laughed and said.. "Yeah now that you mention it- It's the smell of EVERY city. Buffalo, Pittsburg, Washington DC..." I mean every city now reeks of weed the moment you enter it. HA HA Truly Its an apparent differnence when live out in the suburbs or country that once hit the city the musky smell is ever present. I never had much interest whatsover in weed. I mean hell I see folks with motivation challenges having a hard time getting to do anything ALREADY. The folks I know who imbibe regularly don't seem like it has helped them in life. I think it in fact has hurt their motivation. I mean I think that was the most frustrating thing about ART. I did not judge him for it but I also did not realize that was a habit of his to the extent it was til I dated him seriously last year. But it certainly I think is a factor in his not getting off his ass to follow through on anything! I mean he is HAPPY chilling and smoking in his Dad's home and has ZERO incentive to do anything different. He complained about wanting a well paid job but wouldn't do the work or make the lifestyle changes to prepare himself to get one. I saw nothing but choice of laziness in him. DISTINCT from his sister who worked her ass off and actually had serious physical disability. I was so disgusted by his abelism, lack of respect of her, and his own laziness. Fucking would judge but not help her. But I digress. I just know further if a federal crime still nothing for me to play with or consider an option. No thank you. I need to work and provide for my family and my clients can be any sector- keep myself above board for any possible work including end user clients who are federal agencies. So hell hard no for me having any personal interest in cannabis. BUT I do think it very interesting from the agriculture business perspective and business perspective AND HEALTH Care perspective--- OK interesting from any perspective as even could geek out and find interesting how laws are not consistent etc.. And if not federally made legal to cross state lines presume can't buy in one place where legal and drive to another state where illegal. But is it not the same as Fireworks? We all know how those laws are enforced... I mean I recall the greatest firework displays in NYC were either the Gotti family, or were by cops who confiscated them from the AVG Joe caught with some. Hell nothing new under the sun is there? I mean really... did every cop that ever confiscated weed REALLY Turn it over to the evidence room and follow up on the charges? OR did the evidence just "disappear" ever? HMMM) Anyway..
In the documentary they are saying how NAPA Valley basically grew in the same way this Colorado town is growing- independent growers who all collaborated on a R&D facility they share. Sharing of technology, social capital, innovation of ideas and helping each other for cultivation as in NAPA they figured out that is they collaborate rather than compete they bring in more tourists.

Just fascinating!

OMG this was such a fun read- as kept googling and researching to find out more and it reads like a soap opera to me ( HA HA I am entertained by the drama of it) I mean the great documentary all positive Then article in (2018 or 19?) that she lost her agriculture license as sold plots to two growers but failed to report their agribusiness activity to the state licensure agency (OOPS) But when the investigated the town clerk was affirming :Oh yeah she forfeited in a self return of it and paid the fine you assessed." Turning it in herself was forfeiture so they said "This goes on record and whether will grant liscense in future is up to the regulatory body but it will be considered" The drama.... I want to know how that turned out... Screw watching TV just google the characters you have met in real life who gave vibes of having much more to their story... Some drama there. HA HA *not that I do this all the time. Just on occassion when curious. Its faster than watching bad tv and give a more immediate return of some drama! This legalization of cannabis is like the wild west of our modern age. The new business opportunity in lands not yet built out. And watching the big business and those with money capitalize on it. Make no mistake these business partners are proud of helping the avg Joe but THEY HAVE MONEY. THEY HAVE CAPITAL and they are the landowners who are FINANCING the smaller farmers. So I am curious how different the indentured servitude set up for those who join the CO op is? I mean really... all those small growers buying plots don't OWN their businesses and land outright but make no mistake have dependencies set up on the two brilliant developers. FASCINATING to me. HA HA and interesting characters the cowboys willing to venture into the unknown boldly with the attitude of CAN Do and their navigation of social contracts to get it done... HA HA by showing how their ventures help the small town. Will the Hallmark Holiday movie's paradigm change??? HA HA I wanna see the first Hallmark movie that is a cannabis farm rather than Christmas Tree farm. I want a writer to craft a hilarious parody of it Which ends up being popular. THAT would be a fun project.

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