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2023-01-05 - 3:58 p.m.

OK before diggining in with focus on my work.
Just want to capture this here so I don't forget to drive my ass into the office of VEC and talk to them about this.

POSSIBLE these two ADMIN STOPS on my account are the overarching problem.

and maybe doing so in PERSON will be most effective.
I hate to spend the gas money and drive my crappy car anywhere unnecessary but think might be worth this trip.
HELL Can job hunt from the office there as well...
SO capturing so don't forget. Cause I put in application to re-activate claim but it is not yet showing the button for me to click then input my job hunting activity yet. ( NEED To still do that for the weeks from end of OCT to current date. The stupid system will only let you do it ONCE A DAY for one week's info- and then it tends to knock me and and lock up and I can't get back in for weeks on end so it is ridiculously slow and hard to catch up when behind. I SHOULD BE able to get in TOMORROW and input info to move it along with one more week's info and then FRI- so by the end of this week should have two more weeks caught up ( I HOPE)
NEXT Week I need to then make it a priority to get through the NOV and early DEC info input.

I just want to save the data so can find it if locked out again:

Issues Delaying Payment
Issue: Administrative Stop
Effective Date: August 18, 2019
Issue: Administrative Stop
Effective Date: November 29, 2020

Overpayment Balance: $0.00

WHat I don't understand is when I hand typed all that info back when last not working is that no one could process claims the old fashioned way with PAPER files anymore .EVERY system should allow an override and scanning and entering docs and input. EVERY SYSTEM should have multiple ways of processing data.

I bet there is one but no one who understood how to do the work around.

I JUST PRAY To find someone who is really good operationally and can find the SNAFU and it is fixed and not because of a bad judgement call -but just a mistake!!

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