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2023-01-05 - 3:37 p.m.


OF course the VEC site WORKED For me today.

The day I did have work sent from a client. ( Likely only an hour of work. Will do now!)

But wanted to get it done and fill out ONCE AGAIN all the info they have asked me umpteenth times..

BUT first just to vent.

MY VEC account shows that the last time I was canned, in 2018 -
I got one check from VEC and THEN
there was an "Adminisrative stop" put on my account.

Rather sure that was when the former employer then lied and said everyone QUIT
as opposed to them firing about 1/3 of the freaking company post merger/acquisition.

It was nonsense. I heard from others how they were given papers to sign saying they resigned when they were really fired.

I REFUSED To sign that. BUT I did send an email saying I apprechiated their kind offer to tell callers inquiring about job history who were calling SOLELY TO CHECK REFERENCES That they could say if they wanted that I just left

AS LONG AS THEY WERE HONEST And told VEC for THEIR inquiry the TRUTH That they have FIRED ME.

I literally wrote that letter! AT THEIR REQUEST

I should NOT HAVE.

It was cause they were trying to BS And I felt like I Was calling them on on thier BS

they were ACTING like doing folks a favor when it was utter bullshit AFTER THE FACT of them firing folks.

NEVER SIGN BULLSHIT after someone fires you.

SO the account STILL shows "ADMININSTRATIVE STOP' ON it from 2018

I have a theory that was put on then and somehow no one has figured out operationally how to take the fucking admin stop OFF MY ACCOUNT

I think my lack of getting paid is an operational snafu.


This is the kind of crap that happens when operations systems are complicated and not user friendly.


so it looks like two are on my account.

Just such BS.

I just knew when got in the system I better get it done.

I mean it works SO INFREQUENTLY

SO NOW To get my work done. The client is on the west coast. So will have the document reviewed and flipped back soon and before their end of day so they can move business forward.
That is the best part about this one viable client. The one who sends maybe an hour or two of real work weekly. NOT LARGE VOLUME
BUT PERFECT for a part time gig to increase income in addition to a full time job.

I just need to LAND the full time job and then will be set!

I also have to look into the medical stuff. As might be smart to take care of that with Medicaid before start any other work BUT Also might be e negligible difference. I just need to find out costs.

If therapy is the same where I have to pay a copay with Medicaid until some deductible then I can't afford to do that. I had an appointment scheduled.

Was cancelled and just as well as the latest email he said he will run my insurance through Medicaid and tell me what the cost for me is. He said some policies they make you pay a deductible first for the first sessions until you pay off the deductible. HE said may be $155

THAT was the cost the time I TRIED this with the Anthem Healthkeepers policy I purchased via marketplace. I was irritated as the therapist I found then quoted $110 but said it would be lower once ran insurance - so I took the risk and saw her a couple times- and then she sent a bill for $155 for each session. I was like WHAT THE HELL the price is not supposed to GO UP after you run insurance!!

IF they provide poor people with therapy I will take advantage. If they don't and I have a freaking $155 CO PAY til some ridiculously out of reason and means copay deductible is met- I am out of luck.

EVEN THOUGH The intial intent was family therapy for all... will go if I can.

If can't get the others to go I may as well take advantage of the time and opportunity IF COVERED.

If expensive even with Medicaid that is a no go.

Will find out.

I suppose at least getting the immunotherapy done for the one kid. So this time, this frustrating gap of not being in a full time job may be for SOME REASON. We got kid's wisdom teeth out-and immunotherapy which should make the kid's life more comfortable.

It is supposed to last about 7 years- the gains from that. We all notice she sounds MUCH BETTER than before that treatment! ( She is not wheezy and snoring loudly at night like she has historically done.)

So there is some reason for this gap I guess.

It just feels frustrating.

So to work...
then also job hunting, AGAIN.

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