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2023-01-05 - 1:12 p.m.


Small business owners without capital are FUNDING THEIR OWN COMPANIES when start ups.

they use CASH basis of accounting.

Cause they can not rely on expected payment for services due.

BUT cash in hand worth more than two on the wire so to speak

I mean really.

To be expecting accrual accounting for self employed small businesses is just ridiculous.

To look at the LABOR OF POOR PEOPLE and have VEC payments based on the LOW WAGE LABOR of poor people is BULLSHIT

Because those who work low wage jobs ( most on SNAP and Medicaid- I am a rare anomaly and once again had another good round of interviews til the FINAL interview and did not get job offer....

I know it is my honestly my being clear I will be loyal to existing clients that scares employers who want full time. Its like the folks with only one or two kids don't understand how you could possibly be a good parent of many kids and give them all the attention they need. Or the monogamists who can't fathom any polyamory working...o the church who assumes if a priest is married he can't possibly be a leader helping the fold...

all those premises are in fact bullshit. Some are shitty in each of those roles WITHOUT other obligations; and some rock each of those roles EVEN IF have other irons in the fire.
Its like jealousy mistrust is fueling the decision to not hire someone who is ALSO doing their own thing. Employers want LOYALTY to the point of almost OWNERSHIP- I feel like a commitment that is so unbalanced for what it is. They act like it is a marriage.

I just blew the question when they asked directly about me running my own company in the final interview for the last role. ( BUMMER I liked that company and it seemed a perfect fit.)
and they said The last person quit cause it was too much work...

I said "Heck I work hard to NOT be a workaholic, but trust me this- the way I manage that is I am happy to do anything an employer needs but working for myself is gratifying as work done over that 40 hr period will be for my company and my direct clients. I am a workaholic but I am sure to get the gain directly if I choose to go above and beyond. BUT trust this- This role will be nothing compared to the past when I had six companies and multiple computers and emails to monitor every day as I was the contract manager for each.
That was when I was in a role outsourced
I will have NO problem with your workload and the two clients I have. I don't intend to grow my business but will maintain only those two who are not competitive and not in the space you are in at all-
so it would be ideal for me as I would have that work life balance of pivoting my attention in a way that is sustainable and does not create burn out."

That response did not sit well.

But I also know that in every workplace I take on stuff no one else could get done that SAT for years- and cleaned it up. Efficiently ( yeah even if I obsessed and for periods worked 12 hr days. I DO IT to get over cleaning up the mess.)
I mean my challenge is never that there is too much work. USUALLY The challenge is there is NOT ENOUGH To keep me busy and adding value and I am asking what I can help with and that makes those who are REALLY not working much feel vulnerable cause they don't want it know the whole dept is really not THAT Busy.


or I am too efficient and it makes others feel it will be obvious they are not getting as much done. So I learned sometimes to pull back

I do take longer sometimes to do a task but that is only cause then it is next level quality so I have to figure out what the employer WANTS and deliver- it always is an adjustment.
I have the skills to get that...
Balance of telling what I would recommend
and then doing what they are comfortable with ( As long as it is not unethical or just plain WRONG if they don't agree with my insight of have a different risk tolerance.)

The honest- Hell no issue working 60 plus hours when the extra is for my profit direct response I could tell made the whole team kinda squirm!

HA HA They were obviously surprised and uncomfortable at my blatant honesty. I said I have every intention of maintaining the couple of clients long term to increase my income and have revenue AFTER ready to retire in about 10 yrs from working full time.


and very motivating to be paid direct at a high rate per hour. Why would that interfere? I Mean I don't want the work of managing all the logistics of MANY Clients if I can have a decent full time job with benefits with someone who can TRUST I won't bail on THEM due to the part time commitment I have to the clients hold.

The business owners who assume if you have other client you could not POSSIBLY be able to give what they need exist....

The thing is they could hire someone WITH NOTHING ELSE ON THEIR PLATE who will be overwealmed.

I recall the replacement for the one short term gig I was in was in TEARS Week one

she wanted to know if the volume and pace and sense of urgency was the NORM

and I was like "yeah"

but I had no problem with it.

I also told her she could easily set her own expectations. I told her MY PREFERENCE is to get work in and flip it immediately.

To get it off the plate DONE

But that if she needs to work differently that was a company she need not worry about setting her own healthy boundaries of WHAT WORKS FOR HER


I calmed her down. Took something off her plate ( that was in the transition- I just did it and flipped it to her to send)
and worked with her in affirming she would get in flow and that they honestly were very reasonable and they would be FINE with her doing HER Work HER WAY
and that the quick turn was not something necessary. They could deal with reasonable! (They were reasonable! I think that is why in that space I would bend over backwards for them. That boss NEVER micromanaged. NEVER critizied unfairly and was honest and DIRECT And often accurate if did call anything out that could be done better or NEEDED to be done better or different. There was no BS> JUST ACTUAL Care for quality and integrtiy! So I was so motivated to work hard when everyone was given mutual respect. PERIOD EVERYONE

Hell that company had a data analyst role I sent to a friend. I watch their postings!

OK back to work.

Just was spending time on setting up my accounting system. Purchasing a software program I can manage each project in as well as accounting and invoice creation. Low enough price point will improve my efficiency and make that part easy for me. It will help much with bookkeeping, invoicing etc.

Last week evaluated some software programs and had to think about it. BUT YEAH I am using CASH Accounting.

and find VEC expecting labor reported WHEN DONE to be ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT

VEC is mostly servicing POOR

* not typically me, solid middle/upper middle class in a tough temp spot while looking for next sustainable full time role.

The working poor on SNAP are THESE WORKERS:

LOW WAGE who are the most vulnerable and who are the ones MOST Likely to NOT GET PAID for their labor.
*Freaking cleaning companies are notorious for this. They freaking stiff their workers on wages...
I mean I saw this happen. The crew at the Target I worked at literally changed every few weeks. It was a contractor that Target hired to manage nightly cleaning of their stores. just like most office buildings do. What some don't know is many of those large companies make profit by simply NOT PAYING THEIR WORKERS cause they could always find more to replace them

Maybe the labor shortage STOPPED that exploitation.

But low wage workers are often some of the fucking hardest workers who put in the MOST hours per week.

I mean they are the CNAS or the housekeeping crew.

I never will forget chatting with those moms and dads- in the offices I did work at, where the companies DID have regular who were paid and there consistently. They almost all had OTHER jobs during the day too.

YES it is the working poor getting help
and when THEY Are fired they are the ones on VEC unemployment

So freaking ACCURAL accounting of their LABOR to give benefits is fucking bullshit

BUT THAT IS what VEC is based on.

I mean the benefit is based HOURS WORKED
NOT actually based on MONEY RECEIED in paychecks.

I just don't get it.

SO yeah I am using cash accounting. That reading just made me think of how fucked up that is that VEC acts like a corporation using accrual accounting for LOW WAGE workers
as well as the few small business owners like me ( that lost primary income!)


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