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2023-01-11 - 2:03 a.m.

This is the problem with volunteer work in marketing.

I don't get infomation sent to me timely. NO
I get it sent RIGHT BEFORE an event.
I mean if the event is FRIDAY I should have been notified of date, time , place and all details WELL before someone realizing on
Monday that some marketing should be done.

I called the last meeting. I was out of town. Everyone cancelled. No one made it.

It was the first time I missed a board meeting in the past year for this org.

I was sent the details yesterday.
I did prioritize MY work first. Like it is good to have my company get paid on the invoice I know the client paid. Heck they are sending me work this week so I also wanted to confirm they paid UPWORK and that UPWORK was paying me! *( I mean before doing more work! Be sure getting paid, right?)

So yeah that took time.

I HOPED it would be a Quick task. But here it is 2am and NOW I am going to bed!

Cause it is never a quick task to try to connect all the social medial platforms to constant contact. I tried that, set some up. THEN I realized I don't like when an email is created into a social medial post by them. It looked crappy. It would not have been eye catching and few would read them. SO YEAH perhaps I should have gone with DONE and GOOD ENOUGH

Damn.... I felt the desire to make decent social media posts. Which of course is a process.But even before creating the posts, back when connecting to the constant contact platform I had to find all the log in info for the social media accounts. I know that should be easier- but it was not.
Mission accomplished. Marketing push done.

I just have to remember to check an email for RSVPs coming in over the next couple days!

There is a conflict with the event. I am double booked. I was supposed to do two different volunteer things and now BOTH Are at the same time as this org's holiday party got rescheduled til this week!
So that complicates things.

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