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2023-01-12 - 4:47 p.m.

Damn Found my phone!! It was sitting in my 🛁 bathroom.

I just had finished washing my hair and as wrapped the towel over my head found it.

Used the oddest conditioner. Wood center Aromatherapy conditioner from some past hotel. ( I did not take the shampoo this time. My kid did! Ha ha)

Oddest thing. Cedar and citrus scented.

Very mascaline. I think this was acquired from my neighbor when he redid his bathroom and I Saud yes to hand me down toiletries. Ha. I have some of his ex wife's cheap lotions etc. too.The kind given in thoughtful Christmas 🎄 gift bags which are not great quality found at a Kohl's or Marshall's clearance rack. The gardenia scented one is under the parlor bathroom sink.

Who scents anything with gardenia anymore?

Better than WOOD scented Aromatherapy at least.

And at least one kid up and said in hr would be up 4 laundromat. Maybe the other will wake and come too. Might be nice to get out and then pick up some good cheap food together.

The family 👪 outing I can get them to go to!

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