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2023-01-12 - 11:21 a.m.

I am not pleased with what I am seeing in the labor market.

Salary averages nationally for the work I do are down significantly according to career builder.

That means folks likely are continuing to get let go when older cause they make too much,
so settle with lower paying job

and then the former employer hires someone younger at a lower salary

AND BOTH jobs then are devalued

and everyone's salary in the field gets to be lower and lower

as they trend of devaluation continues.

THIS is not a market correction of overvaluing.

That is for sure.

NOT for the mid level kind of buisiness operations managment work I am in.

I expect market correction of grossly overpaid folks

LIKE The top 1%

ridiculously paid CEOS in all sectors

And market correction of overvaluation of real estate


and some time we should hit the market correction of the bubble of overvaluation of COMPANIES and their STOCKs

who only maintain value through growth

BUT The growth is a mirgage in a way as the amt of resources are really kinds fixed


like in certain sectors where there is NEW USE Of old materials

or actually creating some new materials and new products that have actual added value and are not just descimating the environment.

My main concerns this day are SELF CARE now that work is done.

I think done for now at least.

So its a little frustrating to me that I have a really good OB/GYN I mean she is an outstanding doctor

BUT She referred me ELSEWHERE for a procedure she perhaps could do herself

I am guessing to avoid liability

even though she would have none as it was not my choice to not see an ob/gyn since my old one retired and not her fault if there is some issue the the MD I saw and every NP I saw in intereim between the SME OB GYN minimized the symptoms I shared and acted like excessive bleeding is NORMAL.

Its one of those times my Buffalo guy could say to me "I told you so"

as he witnessed the reality of the hemmoraging like heavy bleeding

and he thought something must be wrong

and he said "There are reports of post COVID Vaccine affecting women's health"

And damn if he is not accurate about that.
I STILL Would have been vaccinated

and still believe fully in the vaccine and am not convinced my issue is related- but there are reports....

BUT One of my kids ALSO has had historic heavy bleeding and I think HER Symptoms have been IGNORED for years by EVERY medical professional.

She told me she had to go to urgent care near her college and it was the first time EVER ( next to the POTS specialist- her Doc) That she felt HEARD and SEEN and valued and listented to as a patient.

She happens to also have excess weight WELL BECAUSE OF THE POTS and her dysautonomia and EDS

and she reports that EVERY DOCTOR Acts like JUST take care of your diet and exercise and you will then be well

as she HAS a healthy diet and this is the kid who was an amazing athlete when young. She is one who played baseball better than most boys on their little leage teams. Her big regret was not continuting on the high school team cause of well....immature boys she could not fathom being on a team in a bus with after suffering through one week only of training pre season.

She just couldn't do it at the time.

She has recently taken up boxing. It is a sport she can do with her POTS. Because you are standing and not going up and down much the heart rate is not disrupted as in other sports with more jumping UP and down or running. The back and forth motion on feet is like a shuffle forward back, back forth and the motion is not distruptive to her like other exercise. SO SHE CAN DO IT!

That is good news! I am so happy to hear she enjoyed classes and does that on her own at home now.

BUT back to me-
it is frustrating I left a few messages and never got a call back.

I just wnat to either schedule the appt in office for my doc to do ( even though she told me she wanted a surgon more experienced---

and I read through the lines and see she referred me to a center where they are also oncologists
SO I know she wanted an oncologist to run the biopsy

I am not dumb.

She wants the cancer screening done. AND she wanted it done there as they are experts and they might KNOW upon going in if they SEE Something they want to just cut out then and there....
I mean when doing a biopsy some might just remove cysts or fibroids

WHEN They are experts and do this all the time.

So I think she gave me the referral to ensure the BEST CARE.

BECAUSE she is a good doctor.

but also maybe liability?

Whatever the reason- it is back on her to figure out with me what next step is.

Does she do the procedure herself in office or does she refer me to the hospital? AND I Think she will give me a prescription to the hospital that is in network for this

JUST HOPE the busy doctor calls me back as honestly

I would PREFER to get this over and done with BEFORE starting a new job.

And I am feeling this fullness in my stomach.Its like I can FEEL The excess growth .

CAUSE I have low progesterone apparently so the body is not shedding the tissue that grows to support a baby if you have one.

WEirdly the excess bleeding was cause my body was creating this excess tissue. So it seems like MORE of a problem if not my body is creating this exceess tissue - like overactive cell growth ( HA HOW is that defined or rather what is overactive cell growth called?? Cancer SOME benighn and some malignant. Not all dangerous)

Mast Cell activation syndrome causes funky weird cell growth in some famiiy-- who knows maybe I have that and it is a factor. I was never screened for it.BUT I do not show the blood pooling in hands and other symptoms etc thankfully

(I USED To when younger but not anymore!)

I am grateful I am otherwise in really good health overall!! NO ISSUES
but this weird extra tissue in my uterus
and now a fullness feeling in my stomach

SO can't wait to take care of it.

Glad at least I was told it is the thickening of liing and not what could be worse There is also more invasive overgrowth of tissue-
"Adenomyosis (ad-uh-no-my-O-sis) occurs when the tissue that normally lines the uterus (endometrial tissue) grows into the muscular wall of the uterus. The displaced tissue continues to act normally — thickening, breaking down and bleeding — during each menstrual:

I was just told I have endometrial hyperplasia

I suppose the difference between that and anenomyosis is HOW think the excess growth is and WHERE it grows - so in other words

IT COULD BE WORSE ( and grateful if not worse!)

Adenomyosis (add-en-o-my-OH-sis) is a condition of the female reproductive system. It causes the uterus to thicken and enlarge. Endometrial tissue lines the inside of the uterine wall (endometrium). Adenomyosis occurs when this tissue grows into the myometrium, the outer muscular walls of the uterus.


But the thing is now I am FEELING this fullness and it is irritating.

FURTHER READING is that this is a common and often BENIGN condition. JUST irritating. Not likely dangerous.

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