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2023-01-13 - 8:29 a.m.

About freaking time.

The check that was issued to pay my mortgage and sent from my one bank on 1/3 ( I input the data on the holiday weekend and banks were officiallly CLOSED so that was the first possible date once I had rent check in hand which yes is a dependency just now on the mortgage payment!) FINALLY Was posted as of midnight last night.

What the hell.

I knew they were slow so glad did not waste energy calling and harranguing them.

But really.

I have a thing to try to make by 9 AM

Not happening.

I did apply for a couple good jobs this AM
and chatted with one kid of mine who agreed to do a volunteer thing with me!


Something valuable to help others together out of the house.

So honestly that conversation and getting that commitment was more important to me than being on time as the volunteer slots for that thing fill up quickly.

Productive start to day.

Off to kill the rest of this day.

Look forward to the professional org party

for the kinda FAKE professional org that I SWEAR Some lawyer started a separate branch of and then after he was Pres made his former wife stay at home mom who has been out of the workforce for 15 years ( GOOD FOR HER!!) President

She had a good couple years.

He and a few friends went to the national Conferences that required travel ( I looked at historical records which I always do when start an org to ramp up and understand its mission and focus),

This orgs mission and focus seems NETWORKING.

Well I would say the hob nobbing and likely drinking with professionals in Fl worked.

Cause she landed a role at a company I have applied for NOW Five times.

With qualifications -

Truth be told she landed an entry level contracts role.

It doesn't make me upset at all.


she worked her Professional skills which YES include getting dressed up and socializing. That can be hard for some.

So she has skills.

She has a nice smile. She is likely friendly and helpful and willing to learn and easy to work with.

Those things do matter.

I am sure she is a lovely person.

Maybe she will actually still show up sometimes to the parties.

Like the holiday party that I will go to tonight.

I will smile and chat and do my best to not acknolwlede it is a professional org with only about 5 active members.

The lawyer and two other old cats who have been in the industry and well connected for it seems like forever. VERY Cool folks for sure.

I like them.

And the firm is paying for the party.

Why not? Its free advertising

and they may pick up some clients since it is at their office.

I am sure there are some in the Much LARGER PROFESSIONAL ORG we are collabing with for the party-- a branch with 100s of active members this was a spin off off...which is located not that far

(I joined trying to recruit members out where I LIVE and get meetings out HERE so we have an active professional org this area about 40 miles WEST OF where I have to drive today to hob nob).

I mean my goal is to take this FAKE org and resume padder and make it REAL

Working on it.

Found a few interested folks. Just need to find venue for meetings and then convince the two actual leaders it makes sense. The guy's wife now HAS HER JOB (little over a year ago actually.)...she took some classes in this field, transferred her marketable skills from ACTUAL REAL VALUABLE Director leadership job of 15 years ago in HR. ROCK ON GAL

I think she is a shero.

And surely capable. She successfully navigated a career change into contract management.


I just took time to write as if I leave on the cusp of MAYBE WILL BE RIGHT ON TIME that I SWEAR is infinately more stressful than KNOWING I am NOT going to make it at this point in navigating DC Traffic.

NAH This is my centereing moment of bringing peace. I set priorities. I job hunted and am connecting with kid as first priority
checked the Mortgage was paid ( cause would have called NOW if not!! I mean really,,,
and now will pay for parking on spothero

THEN HEAD out for what this AM is a ARYVEDIC wellness workshop, then trauma yoga ( HA HA I need that) and some retraining brain to recover from trauma neuroplasticity workshop.

IF they don't let me in late for the Aryvedic such is life. It is the one I am MOST interested in but ce la vie... priorities.

OK Now off to face Beltway drivers.
I will need YOGA after that.

** PLEASE PLEASE GOD land me a job in biking distance!!! or remote....

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