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2023-01-15 - 8:27 p.m.

I am so happy for my Buffalo guy!!

He is out celebrating the Bills win with his bestie and on top of that-
a georgous lady he looks like in a relationship with is with him! Based on his besties FB post of him gently rubbing the back of her neck and giving her a kiss on cheek in celebration as she was sitting watching the TV at the bar on stool and he was standing dancing at the win right behind her then singing with the crowd. Body language clear and lovely to see!

I am sure he will tell me all about her when we catch up if its anything serious needing mention.

Good for him!

He really is a terrific guy and I would like nothing more for he and some compatible lady to fall in love ( who live near each other!!) and have a wonderful relationship with potential for longevity.

This makes me seriously happy to see. I was thinking of calling him to catch up as now relaxed and chilling before bed. I had talked to him briefly while waiting for my volunteer assignment yesterday but then my son called ( and had not talked to him in WEEKS) so told him I would call back- then I got my assignment and had not time to! SO glad I checked FB as thought of him! Won't call now- will leave him alone tonight and call another time.

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