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2023-01-18 - 4:49 p.m.

I did a dumb thing financially. Not that dumb but I should have held off.

I am super irritated that I bought new glasses and LOST THEM two weeks later.


I am wearing a pair of glasses I have had for 5 years now and that is OK ( They have been scratched a bit, some of the fancy "bling" popped off one top corner. There is a little flower of decoration on one side of the frame but not the other. My prescription changed slightly).

I had lost an OLDER pair- which were these really cool BLUE narrow rectangular frames. Sure they were outdated. But no worries as they matched my even further outdated blue leather trench coat ( Which I am bummed I have misplaced or lost the sash of as well).

So I had been thrilled to find reasonably priced glasses on line after having gone to Walmart Optical and gotten some outlandish quote on a pair WITH the insurance policy that I had at the time. In fact I was just awarded Medicaid but had paid that extra month of the older policy in NOV and that was when I went into the optical center to get a quote. I figured if cheapest with the older policy buy them then OR if cheaper with Medicaid run it through them

I got a crappy quote, Something like , I forget but way out of consideration ( $350? More?)
whatever it was not feasible. I was hoping for around $100 tops.

So I found decent ones on line and ended up paying a bit more in total to get the same kind of rectangular frame. They did not have blue but I got red.

AND They were not as large as the older one . A bit narrower- less field of the glasses which was disappointing, but still OK. I was getting used to them.


Because I did not get bi-focals and take them off and back on ALL THE TIME. I was being cheap.

They could not do a bifocal on such a small frame apparently.

SO when an AD POPPED UP (*HA HA this is so sad but true)
for the site I thought-
Let me just see if I can get a cheap pair again

Figuring just do it

And I ordered a new pair for $105.

Not bad

EXCEPT DANG I forgot that the Medicaid policy back in NOV, while activated, had not yet assigned me ( or I had not picked- they randomly assign then you pick what you want if choose different) A Health insurance COMPANY and THAT was why the optical place could not get info on eye coverage and run it.

SO MEDICAID likely WILL COVER free or if not free perhaps even lower priced glasses than the cheap on line options. But I forgot about that completely when was looking to buy

So I likely just spent $105 on a pair of new glasses which I don't really need.

I just WANTED Them because my prescription did change a little and the old ones are broken ( aesthetically) and slightly scratched ( but not really in my field of vision or that bad). I mean honestly they still work good enough

so I SHOULD have held off. I just felt like in the moment if I just sprung for another new pair life would be easier as I can leave one in my car (so no worry when misplace the other), and it will help me get over being disappointed at the lost pair.


OH well.

I am chilling reading and relaxing and will get to bed early tonight. Reading Awakening the Hero's Within- one of my son's books from his acting classes. Until I get his new address I am just going to go through the reading of the books- one at a time. So pulled out randomly this first one. ( He said he sent it but did not!) Until he sends the new address I can't ship the last of his books back to him.

His sis and I boxed up tons of books and shipped them off but this one box came back as the address got ripped off ( It was a label) And it got returned to me. At the time he didn't even give me the new address but had me ship it to his best friends home. That seemed odd to me then and it struck me then a bit strange as well. Like he for some reason is protecting the address as if he would think I would pass it on to anyone.

OH DANG that reminds me I have a box to pick up from the post office. They left a tag on the door. I get irritated when they do that but did not actually ring the bell (or left in mailbox perhaps- that might be where I found it). I mean someone is home all the time. So I don't know why they just put the slip in the mailbox and don't bother even bringing the box to try to deliver. It has postage due. I just know they never tried to bring it here. (Ah I guess cause the postage due thing... just answered my own question. They don't want to deal with having to do a transaction at a house- or take cash etc.) I keep forgetting to go to the post office until after 5!! UGH

Tomorrow! First thing- to the post office, and the library
OH YEAH this is why I don't do things first thing and get it done in AM LIBRARY doesn't open til 10AM. So I put off running errands til then but then get caught up doing other things at home
and somehow the day gets away. It should just be easy to run a quick errand!!

I HAVE To make it to the library and at least one kid and I have a volunteer thing for which we have to sign waivers. (Do it at your own risk thing! Liability waiver)

I am happy the one kid and I have this thing tomorrow as it will be good for the kid to get out of the house. Any sort of activity helping out anywhere to figure out what one likes to do is really good too. I think if someone is down, depressed, or simply in a state of malaise or boredom or at an impasse with not really knowing their next step in life-
one of the BEST things to do for one's own well being
is look around and see who in your community could use your help.

Seriously one of the best cures for depression is to stop being self focused.

Focus on helping others instead.

Its hard to do when have no energy.

Which I think is all the more reason to sign up with commitment to DO SOMETHING. ANYTHING AT ALL
I mean it doesn't have to be volunteer work. But there is less pressure in volunteer work than finding some paid job somewhere

I mean free labor is free labor-
so hard for someone to complain on what you offer.

So it is a great place to start.

Here you go. Get out of bed or off the couch and out of the house ya'll- even if only for a couple of hours.

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