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2023-01-18 - 8:18 p.m.

Little irritations: Teen said wanted to go do a volunteer thing but when I walk into living room and hand the training packet (we are all asked to read before volunteering) the kid says doesn't want to read it. I mention that they need to before we go tomorrow and they act like don't want to read it just cause I asked so they are feeling pressured. WTF? Teenage brain makes no sense to me. Thankfully the other teen who already did this could give a synopsis- primer to convey the info. At the professional org Christmas party last Friday there were party favor bags filled with swag: Advertising for the contract attorney and his corporate contracts group- Mug with the law firm name filled with Giradelli chocolate ( yes please), a koozie with the org logo(Just no...I should have taken that out of the bag to let someone else have it, refrigerator magnets to go with the ones collected in past from events (which I will surely throw out when declutter. I hate too many and marketing to my kids who are the ones in my kitchen not very effective), AND a random book was thrown in each bag. I am sure the attorney hosting was cleaning out his shelfs. I had to laugh at the book I randomly received. I mean had I been paying attention I might have peeked in and chosen which one to get rather than get the last bag left. I got the book The Family that Conquered Everest by Alan Mallory I was like "WHY??" Why would anyone compel their whole family to do that together? I mean to me that sound like a special kind of insanity. But then I felt a little better when it was clear it was the author's adult sons that climbed along with he and his wife. The book claims they are the first family of four to summit. I found a strange pleasure in a twitter thread mocking guys who brag they have climbed Mt. Everest.. a thread as to why they are not datable men. It was tremendously funny actually. I enjoyed contributing my comments that they likely have addictive personalities a comment which got lots of affirmative likes ( HA HA IT was just silly fun). Oh I think the thread was started by one gals comment on her awful date with a mountaineer who only talked of his climb which set off the whole thread of why women should NEVER expect much out of a date with a climber.... I just am not feeling it.I mean the contrast between the Everest climbing fam and mine who have bodies that react as if they just ran marathons sometimes when they walk the slightest is too great for me to relate or want to read that just now. Maybe someday. The person I know who DID climb Mt. Everest is the child of the parents that were estranged, who had protracted court battles between them. I mean that mom is the one I DID click with as her divorce story was the only one nearly as insane and as protracted as mine. Although her's was far more colorful in many ways... some crime involved on part of her husband...but her rising from the calamity to overcome and become a successful business woman, developer who I found the story of her project out west! (She came from there and in that story found in the Aspen times it completely overlooked her 15 to 20 yrs in VA interestingly and spun her as the local gal next door. Oh no.. her colorful life took her places... including her kid climbing Mr. Everest for a charity fundraiser. Overachiever kid who needed some validation after a fucked up childhood with parents who are bit out there. Her mom was described as a Dead Head in the article... maybe both her parents were. The rich type. The super privileged who have money and time to play like that. I could relate to the kid also wanting to get the hell away and do something special. To rise above the drama of a dysfunctional childhood with something that is remarkable enough perhaps someone would remember her for that and not the wild stories of her colorful parents that came before her that she grew up in midst of. Another small irritation:

Why is the inhaler that was in my bathroom one that expired in 2015?

I know I have a more recent one here somewhere ( I filled a prescription a couple years ago. I need a new one. I have a nebulizer along with other expired liquid albuterol I should toss. I keep as as feel like in a real emergency perhaps expired is better than none. Sometimes it works still but is weakened.
Everything I read says UNLIKELY TO CAUSE HARM if expired but might not work. Maybe placebo effect and actual steam of nebulizer do something over nothing in event of a bad asthma attack. I say this as I am not one to go into super bad constriction which is deadly or would not play around with that... well... maybe I would cause you know something better than nothing even if you have to call 911... But grateful my asthma attacks are not that bad.)

Irritating I am allergic to both soaps and water.

The chlorine in the water is the likely culprit.

It just stinks to drink water from the bathroom faucet and have an itchy throat and running post nasal drip allergic reaction as well as asthma -

the asthma from SOMETHING in this environment. Not sure what.

It has not been really persistant but happening more than it used to . (Smoker tenant? Even if she does not smoke in the house smoke gets on clothing and in environment around the person- their stuff and yeah I am super sensitive. My listing said NO SMOKING and NO CATS and the realtor was astounded at how many people would ask "really?" YES REALLY
But no smoking is different from no smokers. Honestly next time I think I will hold the line and go even more strict and list that I can't have a smoker even living there cause the effects of second hand smoke on PEOPLE is enough to make me have asthma.

It sucks.

I really like my tenant other than that small irritation.

It seems to bother me at night. Which is when the house is shut up. I inevitably open my bedroom windows to get fresh air which helps.

Now I am going to hunt for the actual newer inhaler. I threw out the expired one as motivation to find the other. It is here somewhere... in a purse, a bag, a guitar case... luggage.

Reminder of why I could not live with the Buffalo guy EVEN IF I WANTED TO. Just no.
I can't last more than a few days til get really uncomfortable physically. I remember thinking maybe the crazy bleeding was due to my body allergic overreaction to allergens of smoke and dust etc and whatever allergens were in that house. NO... well... who knows... overactive immune response could have contributed. It was there that that happened the first time crazy bad. But as Buffalo guy noted articles indicating this happened in a number of folks after getting Coronavirus and some theorized after the immunization shot-- who knows..

All could be completely unrelated.

off to hunt for the inhaler as it is annoying to have some labored breathing after taking a bath before bed.

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