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2023-01-20 - 4:14 p.m.

I am exhausted

Actually had some work to do today. Drafted a contract from 8:30 to 11; then reviewed a subcontract starting at 11:15 to 1pm.
Then had a meeting at 2:00 to 3:00

I am tired.
I just can not imagine working full time and THEN having to log in after work to do that work for my clients.
I mean I would be driving home if I had an in office job, or worse working still. In fact if I had to moonlight I would be finding a cofee shop or somewhere to log in and do the work for clients and finish that up BEFORE driving home at some late hour.

I am exhaused just working the hours I did today.

Feeling old.
I just don't have the energy I used to have.

The OMG exclaimation comes after successfully navigating VEC to report last weeks job hunting ( again. The RE-DO after the failed redo the other day!)

It worked as I knew this time to not try to change any responses. It just takes time to pull up the data of places looked for work. I rely on my internet history to find the sites I applied to. The fact finding is VERY specific- wanting exact web sites sent resumes and completed job applications at. asking for company physical address and phone # which I have to google of course. It feels like such ridiculous busy work.

SO I get it done and see the comments on my account

Issues Delaying Payment:
Issue: Administrative Stop
Effective Date: August 18, 2019
Issue: Administrative Stop
Effective Date: November 29, 2020
Issue: Not Totally/Partially Unemployed
Effective Date: January 01, 2023
Issue: Self Employed (from Apply)
Effective Date: January 01, 2023
Issue: Stopped Reporting Part Time Wages
Effective Date: January 01, 2023
Issue: Stopped Reporting Part Time Wages
Effective Date: January 08, 2023

This is just such bullshit. NO Comments from 2022 whatsoever. So there should be no reason I was not awarded any unemployment payments from July through OCT.

I never did get to report job hunting activity in NOV and DEC- I got bumped and when got back in the system it was not allowing me to catch up but only allowed me to enter the CURRENT JAN job hunting activity.

It is also taking the ZERO DOLLARS reported from my company (sole propietor) as "Stopped reporting part time wages"

Idiotic. They did not like my giving them the list of EXPENSES and the NEGATIVE balance of the company in the red apparently on one fact finding.

I know this has to get tedious to read.

But I have to vent as it is ridiculous.

The good news is this is the FIRST month I do not have to BORROW money from family to pay my bills.

It is the first month I was able to transfer money from my business account BACK to my personal account- paying back the inital investment ( part of it!) that paid for the web page design.
NO that is not wages yet. It is the first $1000 to pay back the $3000 spent on creating my web page. Now my web page is how I landed two clients so it was a worthwhile investment and venture to have done that. I pulled money from my bank account to the business account when I opened the business checking so this is just the pay back of that LOAN. It is not any gain whatsoever but it is good timing for my company that had the loan of my ALREADY Earned money to be paid back to me personally.

I will turn a profit yet! I just wish VEC did not have such a cynical and non trusting view of people.
Its like they don't understand how the real world works.

When job hunting I have to say Thank God for recruiters! I get tired and then they call or email with good jobs I have not found yet. Makes the job hunting consistently easier! My resume was sent to a couple postings by a recruiter this week.
WHEW- that was kinda easy to get some job hunting done!

I got ALMOST everything I wanted to get done accomplished this week
I did not yet schedule medical appointments.

NEXT Week will get that done. ( I left messages at medical offices.)

Now its nap time for a bit before cooking dinner.

My tenant got a free box of Home Chef meals from a friend and gave it to us. It arrived this week and I tell you I LOVE the convenience of that. When I am tired there is nothing better than the ingredients all set out along with clear cooking directions I just have to follow ( even if they use chicken and poblanos and crunchy jalapeno over and over again with that meal service). Its so easy and great when tired. No thinking and minimal effort to cook a good meal.

I don't care for the amount of packaging the shipping requires. Better for the environment to plan meals with a recipe and go to your local store for the ingredients. The thing is some of us are really bad at understanding how much of each ingredient to buy. We make too much of any recipe when left on our own. When I cook I tend to make a large batch or whatever and then eat it all week. ( Last week it was Chili I made for a Sunday meeting after church that I then had to eat all week. The kids would not even eat any as they were worried it was sitting out too long for a pot luck!)

So when I cook there is just TOO MUCH Of whatever I make. The kids also don't like my cooking all that much so then I am left eating too much of whatever it is.
So I really like Home Chef for the portion control. When it is a chicken dish I just pull out one more frozen chicken breast and thaw it and then stretch the recipe designed for 2 a bit further. Throw in a couple more potatoes or sweet potatoes than came in the box. Its easy enough to then make it for 3 or even 4.

Yeah that is what I am going to do after a nap.
Cook a simple meal.

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