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2023-01-24 - 5:48 p.m.

I have not written about this as can barely believe it-


I swear ever since I came back from the SHORT day trip ( and one night in the really nice hotel!) to NYC

I have been freaking ITCHY at night.


I swear it is freaking bed bugs.

I almost ordered the detecting traps to confirm. (or deny)

I mean once again- it is right after travel. I ALSO happened to have had my guy friend stay overnight right after I came back and he made a comment about my matress being super firm and asked if I would mind putting another comforter under it before he came and stayed over that one night.

SO I pulled out an old comforter from the closet and put that down under my newly cleaned sheets when made my bed. That was I think the Sat right after I traveled and returned that week ( I went on the Tue night, back Wed.)

I was NOT itchy IN NY

So maybe it was just dust mites in the darn comforter I pulled out of the linen closet.

Weather dust mites which I KNOW I am super sensitive OR If I brought back critters--

I suppose does not matter.

IT is just SO ANNOYING. I mean I was wearing freshly washed PJS and had just returned from the laundromat where washed all my clothes.

I also put NEW sheets on my bed that week that I took out of the closet.

SHIT more likely dust mites from my own darn closet as opposed to bed bugs.

BUT Dust mites often leave the scabies rash....and I am not seeing that. I am seeing TINY RED DOTS

DAMN those again

which are often from bed bugs.

Maybe they were still lurking in the freaking closet? THe hall closet and I got rid of them in my room but pulled them out again?


the quick trip to NYC and they migrated on my clothes and the bag.


It is so freaking irritating.

I was super careful when went to stay at my friends house to bring items from my BEDROOM DRESSER that were clean ( And not worn in past few weeks. No offending clothes came from that space! I pulled out a nightgown and robe and clothing from the dresser and brought an overnight bag that was not the one went to NYC with.)

My fear is bringing whatever the hell this is there or anywhere/ to anyone else.

So then there were other possibilities and this is what drives me crazy.

I went to the laundromat and the super kind lady gave me a hamper as I was short of spaces to put my clothes after done with them. People leave them there all the time and the big plastic one looks fine. BUT YOU CAN"T SEE PESTS

SO the free hamper could have been a gift that keeps giving....

OMG it is so aggrevating that I try to figure out the cause. It is like a losing battle.

The OTHER thing is that my guy in DC is CLEARLY not allergic to fleas. I am. I see fleas in his place ALL THE TIME.
I had restraint to not pull one off him that I swear I saw and kept obsessing over - I mean can't NOT SEE It once see it.

It was this tiny black flea literally on his skin right below his left ear. I could see it. Clear as day it looked like a dead dried flea.

It was dead
They often are-
I mean he has a dog and yes the dog is treated. And yes he has FLEA power ( have seen that)
but I KNOW I have seen fleas there in his space. They freak the heck out of me.
I have felt the bites there on occassion! (He had this couch where the dog would sit. It gave me this dejavu feeling of when used to go to my besties, or my other former lover -who had dogs and I swear I am like the flea magnet. )

I am just SO DAMN allergic

Most people are not bothered to be honest when there are just a few of these pesky creatures. I suppose they come in and the collars, or pest control take care of it and they don't become full blown infestations. BUT I FEEL THE DAMN BITE as swear if one flea comes in on a dog friend- well it must find its way to me!
I am like this with mosquitos too. I can walk in a field on a summer night ( and have) with one friend who will get ZERO mosquito bites and I will have 10 to 15 itchy spots on me. (YES I recall exact moments like this- where and when .)


So I just ordered an all natural pest control spray. Clove oils and other essential oils.
I will go to the laundromat and wash the heck out of everything again.

I did pull the added comforter off my bed as soon as my guy friend was gone. ( It kinda irritated me. I need to pull that out again and wash it too. The bed was too high for where I sit my laptop on it when sit in a chair for zoom work calls.)

It just makes me so reluctant to even feel good about GOING ANYWHERE.

SO freaking Aggravating.

AND it is interrupting my sleep as I fall asleep and wake up ITCHY A few hours later.


The annoying thing is that I think the laundromat is not actually offering hot water. They basically LIE and when you choose that option it is still cold. I called that out to the worker there and said they really should fix that.

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