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2023-01-25 - 3:07 p.m.

YEAH Sitting home and waiting is sometimes the right choice.

The admin at my OB/GYN called back. She is faxing records to the surgeon and will call me to confirm when all went thorough.

She is actually really awesome and on top of things. Just BUSY.

So phone tag was played.

But she takes accountability to get things done. She is going to call the surgeon practice directly to be sure they know the history to try to get me in soon.


I feel like perhaps this is why nothing stuck yet as far as job. Time for me to take care of this, as well as for my kids to have their medical needs met.

There is a time and place for everything.

Honestly many work so much they neglect their own health.

WHEW now off to the class.

Time and place for everything. Not sure why thought it a good idea to sit IN MY BED and chill as I was making calls for that and then also logging into the writing class. DAYTIME and I am not feeling the bites again on my legs which are under the comforter!
Small tiny irritations- itchy, aggrevating. Not as bad as a mosquito bite- more like tiny prick.

BUT then again I took a shower, changed and got dressed. Took the dog for a walk and then came back up and was sitting here ( cause it is warm and cozy and a rainy day out! I have no work that came in today. I tend to go to my DESK for work. I was just chilling and writing etc..and trying to schedule appointments.)

So the challenge is- If this is freaking NYC interloper bed bugs that joined me now in my room
I don't want them to MIGRATE further to the LIVING Room couch or elsewhere.

So I feel stuck here.

So annoying.

I mean I can shower and change AGAIN then go downstairs. Hell I did already sit at the kitchen table after cooking breakfast. Then I stood an made a sandwich and ate it later. BUT

CRAP feeling the bites!! now during the DAY!

I think I will wait til the cleaning solution arrives the clove oils etc. And then pay the mortgage and bills and see if I have money to buy yet ANOTHER new good vacuum. (I mean the robo one is nice but I think not as good as the Dyson was, or the others- the Shark or the 3rd which I broke as they all got ruined picking up deciduous earth put on this rug and in corners to kill pests.) I am glad to now have a robo vacume here in my room. It used to be the one in the basement and I moved it up here when the tenant moved in. BUT the things is I don't want to use it now and then get bed bugs in it and then have it go down the hall and bring them to the other rooms. Its like everything in this room should be contained in here. This is the problem. I think the itchy feeling and presence of them has been since the last time I ran it! ( I ran it the day my guy came over and don't think did so since.) SO I want to hold off using that. I think I need a vacuum with a contained BAG to capture and throw out critters! Either that or I will have to clean the components constantly. hmm...need to think of this. Maybe someone designed a vacume with a heat element that kills buggers?

I swear it was that freaking comforter. Because I did NOT feel bites when sleeping in the hotel at all.

I pulled that comforter out of the closet and realize that when I unpacked the BOX Of crap that had been in storage (but closed up) there was also a COMFORTOR of my Son's that I threw in that closet right next to the one comforter I pulled out.

So I suspect it may not have been the hotel at all this time around BUT That comforter that I pulled out which was stored NEXT To the NYC comforter. SHIT.

I still feel like I had two encounters with bed bugs- one from my trip a couple years ago then the resurgence of a different batch when my son's stuff came from his NYC Apt and was stored here and finally opened up again. I am convinced that they had them in that apt.

*I don't think everyone even KNOWS it cause remember not everyone is allergic or even feels the bites!

THANKFULLY there are not health issues cause by them, just the irritation.

I planned on taking that comforter which was my son's to be washed and just did not do it yet. I kept it cause I threw out a couple older ones we had here that were in rough shape. His was in better condition. So on the next laundromat run I will pull out BOTH Of those comforters as well as the rest of the linens and wash that whole freaking closet. BIG JOB
I am not up for it today. AND want to pay the new month's mortgage and bills first to know how much cash is left before do anything else!

AND in addition to the big laundry trip- will wash my bedding AND clean the heck out of everything decluttering (throwing shit out), and vacuum, and wash with the new natural clove oil blend said to kill them AND add more deciduous earth to the bed frame (crevices) and the corners of my room etc...)

NOW the bad news is-
IF there were bed bugs in that NYC box that sat closed in my bedroom for a good year or more that was finally unpacked ( and they were dormant but then awoke)- that when I threw all my OTHER kid's stuff to be stored in that SAME BOX which was empty and not thrown out- well, there could be more buggers that are still in the box now mingling among all the crap that kid did not move out of the basement which I had to remove from the basement and store before the tenant moved in.

That is problematic.

I need to put that box in the ATTIC and hope over the summer it gets freaking HOT up there. Hot enough to kill the buggers.

I mean honestly there should be no pests up there. There should be no source of food. Without AC it definitely gets hot on some days. BUT that did not seem to ever kill the dust mites that also made me crazy itchy if there were ever any sweaters or jackets stored in the attic that I put on without washing.

I just HATE not having enough storage in a house other than an old freaking attic that gets dusty.

I did release a fogger up there. I do also have another fogger said to kill bed bugs that I COULD just release in my room. I had planned on it- but the thing is you are not supposed to set those off unless NO ONE is in the house for four hours.

The inhabitents of this house NEVER LEAVE.

I mean I could call an exterminator as well. I do have quarterly pest vontrol already to be sure there are no mice or spiders etc in the basement. They come every quarter... I could have them look at my room.

The thing I know from the past however is that those pest control companies don't always SEE a small problem. They told us time and time again in the farmhouse they saw no signs of fleas. ( meanwhile my husband was being bitten!)

I used a bedbug detector here in the past and it showed NOTHING. BUT YET I KNOW this is not my imagination!

That is the kicker

I almost ordered the same things - those traps that should detect but decided to just order the cleaner that is said to be organic and kill them and clean the heck out of the place first.

I mean I KNOW when being bitten.

I see the tiny red dots on my skin. Not my imagination.

OK writing helps me figure out a plan.

I am going to hunker down here tonight. Hang in my room ( itchy though I be... kinda getting used to it which is sad but true)

I will leave only to grab a plate of leftovers from last nights cooking ( turkey and black bean burritos). Will stand in kitchen and fix my plate and bring it back up here and hope for the best... That the dog and I don't carry critters elsewhere in this house!!

I will shower in AM and dress from clothes in my dresser which are NOT suspicious- and go visit the local business.

and avoid being in my room AT ALL during the day tomorrow! (That was a mistake today!)

I just have to be mindful once hang here I am stuck here if don't want to have these irritants migrate elsewhere!

AH and I just took a break from writing to do one more thing-
the lotion lather all over my body! YES
That works

Buggers get killed when coated with oil. If any tiny pin prick of a sucker were on me they would be not able to breathe-

BABY oil, other oils or lotions are great to get buggers away from you.

Works for head lice- the mayonnaise covering the whole head then a plastic bag over head. Both coats buggers with oil so they can't breathe AND The plastic encasing creates a heat chamber as heat comes off the body and it does help kill them. Bugs don't like heat.

Ah so yes! Application of lotion and I can sit here back in this bed and not be itching up a storm just now. Momentary relief for a while at least.

The buggers likely feasted and now are back to taking a nap!(HA along with Bellatrix who is sleeping at my feet)

I am just going to chill and hang here, listen to the writing workshop, write- play some music and maybe watch another episode of Stranger Things tonight and get to bed early ( and hope sleep well) then face tomorrow- another day.

Priorities now:

After schedule the surgery ( should be soon! DAMN took weeks but I think should FINALLY get into that surgeon office!)
Pay bills
Buy a freaking good vacuum
WORK this weekend

Clean the heck out of room AND do Laundry *ALL SAME DAY- has to be concurrent!! Both clean with solutions; vacuum; and wash the heck out of EVERYTHING

OH Crap I just realized I have choir practice tonight. That changes things. I have to eat and then shower and get over there. I have to shower AGAIN and change so don't bring visitors. (oh perhaps shower then eat then go! YES to prevent buggers migrating to my kitchen!)

almost forgot. I have to go as there is also a sign up sheet sitting in the choir room for an event we are putting on which needs the choir folks as volunteers and I am responsible for arranging...

AH phone ringing.. the dr. office meaning records sent and I should be able to call and schedule appt!

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