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2023-01-26 - 11:52 a.m.

I just got dressed as am going to take the dog for another walk and then make a stop to the local business today.

I pulled out a sweater to wear, and as it was wrinkled I ironed it.

I do all my iorning on my bed!

I just realized, when working out of the house that meant my BED regularly got ironed!
It occurred to me, as I saw a couple small black flea like looking dead things on my sweater ( either from the sweater OR They came OFF the bedding!)

That HEAT kills critters.

So I then ironed the whole top of the comforter, most of the SEAMS of the mattress and the matress itself AND then the sheets actually ON MY BED.

A good dose of HOT IRON HEAT.

Then I did a search and YES some say ironing kills DUST MITES.

They also recommend a treated mite free mattress cover. ( I Used to have one. Not sure where the mattress cover went but I can check closets and wash what find and put it back on. I mean I have bought a few of these over the years.)

I just decided to take the one trip out of the house today. If the surgon office leaves a message I can call back as long as I RETURN before 3 ish! I hope to get both scheduling done and pick up the work from the local business I offered services to (at the auction).
* Just can't get caught up with work and FORGET to call the office. That is the risk. But I think it is in my mind and I suppose could set an alarm too. YEAH may as well try that. An alarm for 3pm.
A habit I never cultivated which may serve well-
set reminders to not forget key things.

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