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2023-01-28 - 1:40 p.m.

So pleased an artist friend had a fundraiser for am ocean clean up initiative and she said sheceould raffle off a piece abd pick a winner from all donors; and I got a random message months later ( really on a posting) in which she announced I won!

Her art is georgous. I won a beautiful blue tray with silver little fishes swimming on it.


I also discovered another piece that was I my bathroom somehow broke a dew weeks ago. I considered gluing it but threw it out.

So this will replace that on my bathroom.

I came to the art studio she it teaching at to pick ot up.
Was introduced to the artist I am rather sure made the piece I broke! Ha Ha

It is her studio. It was a second (meaning imperfect) sold cheap at another studio I used to model at that she used to do work at.

So done there after looking at the current georgous space. She said she us desperate for teachers. I told her to call Art. She will look him up. She knew ew his mom ( who taught him everything he knows.

I sdvised she not mention my name to on town a bit early fir work today and happy the deli with good bagels is open on Sat!

Mmmm. Good NY style everything bagel with cream cheese.

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