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2023-01-29 - 9:03 a.m.

OOPS Just found in my DRAFTS folder that the updated resume that added "internet technology" With obvious clarity
(for those not actually familiar with technology- It was funny to me)

Ah, the recruiter was a lovely person working in India I think. Heck so many tech companies outsource to India. So many tech companies are Indian owned.

It is actually true there are not enough software engineers coming out of U.S. schools

BUT AGISM also has alot to do with this

Honestly. I always had empathy for the fact we are not producing enough mathematicians and scientists and really do need to compete globally for labor to be competitive.


When getting recruiters and their managers ( hiring manager!) who don't even know how to read a resume and recognize technical terms that are not rocket science here- just jargon for basic software back end system development and support.

Standard stuff-

I mean we are at that point. I am seeing it.

I mean- there are not a ton of software developers that are out of work, I used to think.

But that no longer seems the case.

Companies are cheap. .

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