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2023-01-29 - 1:30 p.m.

I love my new glasses!
They do not fall off my face.
They sit firmly and I can look UNDER them when singing to sight read. I don't have to take them off and on and drop them numerous times..or have them sit on my head but then fall off and have to pick them up.

I was driving home thinking "Why is everthing so CLEAR and bright but not overwealming?" last night and THEN realized

OH my, it's my new glasses!!

The blue light and other transition filter which also works when in the car somehow even shows me a benefit at night of cutting glare!

I can drive at night easier!

It was almost weird how clear and crisp and how there were not light distortions of extreme brightness.
They even have glasses for astygmatism but these are not those-
yet STILL made a world of difference.

I was telling the med techs and care aides- these angels on earth who are in low wage jobs
who yeah have health insurance

that they HAVE to go on line for their next pair of glasses. Sure shop local

but screw that
and shop in China for eyeglasses when the price differential is so dang high.

Truth told most U.S. sold eyeglass frames come from ITALY from the company that has a monopoly as they bought out most suppliers years back....

EXCEPT for the one's in CHINA.
Who popped up in recent years.

One co worker a med tech said she got a new pair recently but it needed bifocals and protective lens etc so she thought that was why it was $650.
I told her I had a Target Optical estimate WITH insurance of $350

and said NO thank you

then looked on line and paid $120 for the same thing.

ZENNI Optical is where I bought mine.

My winery owner friend raved about them FOR YEARS and I am happy I listened when it came time to get glasses again.

I should have had my kid go there too. (but I brought the kid to the eye Dr. and just supported her and bought hers at the Target. It was not too outlandish.)

I think I will check if the other needs glasses.

Oh and realize I put off having a small cavity (or two) filled as advised by my dentist. Will see if the dentist takes Medicaid and will follow up on that recommendation.

YEAH I need a dental appointment.

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