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2023-01-30 - 8:34 a.m.

I found Holiday flavored off brand coffee cups on clearance at my local supermarket, 25 pods for something like $3.50 so had to buy a box to bring to work for the med techs/aides.

There is a Kurig that the lead housekeeper used to use daily.
She has retired.

I have not had flavored coffee in a LOONG Time

I just was itching for it after eating dinner.

I hoped I would not regret the 7pm cup of Maple coffee.

I found a ice cream sandwich in the break room freezer ( which came from the kitchen there and looked like was in there for FAR TOO LONG! HA someone put it in and cleary forgot about it)
So since I had no creamer in the break room and no one was there
very indelicatedly ate off the outside and carefully popped that ice cream in the cup before brewed my coffee.

I mean maple flavored coffee HAS to have cream!!

OK I did not regret it one iota.

I am typically TIRED after the 2nd shift work.

I am typically EXHAUSTED on Monday mornings after working all weekend. ( I mean really it is not that heavy of a lift but working 2nd shift on every other weekend, when rest of time on early bird schedule- sometimes picking up the 7AM shift.... well the body gets used to being in bed early! SO it can then be DRAINING)

I am super sensitive to substances for sure... why cut out caffeinated coffee
don't drink much at all ( 1/2 to 1 glass- I am good.... I mean I am sufficiently lit Ha Ha... don't need or WANT more ... slight buzz sufficient)

Came home and had a productive time chatting with friend with some experience who was fun and helpful working my script.

Then got text...

and just to say

Oh yeah I was so happy WAS AWAKE to get it.
Good timing...

I was thinking how I have NO NEED To write this morning. I may not actually have compulsion to write for a while. But chose to for one reason:

Look at this:

I wish we could all have that vision, see that vision and believe in it and live that vision.

The world would be a better place.
A changed place.

And wish somehow the world did not continue to kill the visionaries by only seeing them in their moments of fear and responding with aggression. Why is fear so powerful , it itself incites aggressors? Why is fear considered such a threat that it would trigger aggression rather than compassion and reassurance?.

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