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2023-01-31 - 11:51 a.m.

Reason for everything right?

Being in right place at right time.

young former co worker- super nice guy who is the husband of a lovely gal who ALSO used to work with us ( at the retirement community)

had a STORY pop up on my FB feed of a DIC pick.


I had no qualms immediately sending him a message to let him know that was there

He said he was hacked!
*hmmm.... best answer..... possibly it was a IM and he clicked the wrong thing. It can happen ( HA HA ) and a little more likely than a hack to a story on someone's feed truth be told.

Regardless I am actually glad I could help him out as how awful. He was able to remove it immediately! I just hope all is well with he , his wife and their beautiful kids. I like their young family !

Of course in this day and age that will thankfully ALSO be overlooked in the inundation of information barrage of just utter shocking news and nonsense and sexualization of everything in our media.

Nothing is shocking anymore.

That is such a sad truth.

I mean I think even 20 years ago so much of our news would have read like The Onion or even SNL Skits of exaggeration.

Reality is now echoing what was Science Fiction in the AI and tech spaces, neural networks, tree root networks.

OK those existing way before anyone understood them as likely all these realities have. We are just catching up in SEEING Them.

I feel like once you are exposed to the extremes of violence you are like

when anything appears that can be shocking to most sensibilities.

There is this indifference and inability to be surprised frankly.

It feels different from disconnected , dissociation but more like a matter of fact acceptance of what is.

A peacefulness in face of what would be unsettling to others. Calm in the midst of the storm.

Yes that is it.
It can be misunderstood as indifference I guess... I don't think that is the EXACT word.

YES indifferent in the sense not emotionally charged in response.

But that is not due to not caring- but able to care without being exceptionally emotionally reactive
yet can CHOOSE when what to be INTENTIONALLY expressive. It is no less valuable or honest when one is not viscerally so emotional but more logical and thoughtful as their whole system is not moved by surprise often.

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