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2023-01-31 - 11:42 p.m.

$70 to do laundry today as my kids has not done laundry in over two months and there was alot. The last couple times I went by myself. I did not bring their clothes but just mine abd figured when they wanted to they would come too.

We washed sheets and comforters and the throw blanket Bellatrix lies on , when on my bed, as well as her dog beds. There is one bed and also a soft bed that goes in her crate which is her cozy spot. She prefers to go in that snug crate thsn the cushy dog bed.

Going to bed on the couch as I cleaned the heck out of my room and sprayed the mattress and boxspring with the natural clove oil bugmd. ( Thst is the brand name of the oil bases bug killer.)

I had to ask my kid to read the tiny print on the label. Guess at that point..bifocals will be my next glasses.

So I am here going to sleep on the couch while my mattress and box spring dry tonight. 😴

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