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2023-01-31 - 3:04 p.m.

Bummer. The toilet in my barthroom periodically is running.

The lowest grade, basic flapper is not sufficient apparently.

Ce la vie. I looked at them and was not sure of the difference. I mean a flapper is a flapper, right? As long as the right size.

After all the OTHER plumbing issues it was annoying this toilet flush mechanism broke. Rather than replace with a fancier lower water flush mechanism I did the cheap fix. Parts bought at Walmart when did some on line ordering of food as well.

It was efficient in the moment. Could shop on line when woke at 3am and then picked it up the next day after rehearsal before heading to DC to help friends with a move.


Just a small annoyance. Just now the running was cause the chain got caught under the flapper. It just needs a little adjusment now and then.

It will be quiet then a running water sound starts. So a slow leak.
And not always
Depends on how the flapper lands.

I will upgrade soon.

But for today- laundry is the priority, and once all the laundry out of my room cleaning. I may go pick up an upright vacume as well. Considering it.

Now that I know I have a tax return coming and can pay off the remaining debt to family just about. ( Its just shy of the total borrowed. Like a couole hundred only actually- oh wait I paid some back so think COVERS what is left with a couple thousand more which is good as that will be needed in next couple months for expenses. )

So should be ok the next TWO months.

And something will shift by then I am sure. ( I do have a VEC HEARING Set finally.)

Either job , new client to add to my porfolio, OR if not time for that yet PERHAPS the gap fill help of actual VEC payments.

IN the aggregate for six months even that little bit will help.

*This is what I find shocking. That they waste time on an Administrative hearing for a SMALL amount of money I am reporting the part time wages that then get deducted from the value of the $378 a week I would otherwise be entitled to.

So I mean they are spending this money on the process of inquiry which doesn't seem like a great ROI considering my amt is 9000 a year but since I make about 5000 a year that is REPORTED from the one PT job and that really soon will be earning more in MY company work to take away that gain I mean soon enough

It is like they are arguing and spending money over the value of a couple thousand dollars in the end. Hardley worth it.

Why question those ACTUALLY Reporting regular part time income?

Its like I report somethign like $220 a week so the delta is about $160 a week. Well I suppose they WILL get a gain if I am not eligible. But at dollar values that low for the program I don't get their interest. Mine is obvious as it is essential the money comes from SOMEWHERE until I land the next viable job. But for them to figt over about $160 a week when there is a 12 week cap not again? (I think)

I just don't get the logic.

Go after the folks who are OBVIOULSLY Not entitled to UI not those who are already reporting actual earnings each week. The ones reporting actual earnings to be deducted are not the ones gaming the system.

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