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2023-01-31 - 3:27 p.m.

OK, I have to admit it is a PIA that when e-filing the IRS bumps back the tax return for EVERY incongruency. I say incongruency as some are errors but not REALLY

I mean like in the writing of name
If you don't match EXACT what they have on file it can be rejected by a system.

Its a PIA

I think I had to re-file now FOUR times.

Yeah this may also be the ADHD thing- that things take LONGER as there are MISTAKES not noticed along the way.

In one 1099 I think perhaps I put MY EIN in the box where they wanted the employer EIN as the first reason for a REJECTED e-filing.

Second reject... oh my I forget now... OH PIN not accurate. ( Cause I had changed it for this years and then my computer did not have the old one saved. It used the NEW one saved to be used again NEXT year! OOPS)

So then I had to search for last year's tax return to find the AGI to identify self. GOT IT

third reject- name not matching, which I discovered was either MY NAME or one kid. I had my middle initial written in the first box for name and there is a second box labeled MI where I should have added that initial. OOPS.

I also missed adding one kid's middle initial the first time around.

OK I think this should be it-- finally.

SO have to say, even though PIA I think this annoying process DOES streamline work on the IRS end and makes the consumer/user correct all errors so then it is is FASTER processing on their end.

So there is a weird efficiency in the is process that I can respect. I don't like it but don't mind their insistence on being PARTICULAR and careful and precise when it comes to taxes and accounting.

The taxes themselves were rather easy to complete ( sans errors) with Ramsey tax software at least.

So hope this it is.
Need to move on with this day, I just checked before going to the laundromat and was like "NOT AGAIN?" When say that forth reject email!


there are SIX reject emails between 10am and now. DANG

That is alot. I forget the other nits that were off and needed fixing. OH YEAH one was a Schedule C thing. I changed a field to NOT Applicable rather than using CASH to report close out. ( I am not closing out books yet. SO not applicable seemed accurate!) Apparently that is aligned with cash accounting method and has to be reported as such EVEN IF there is ZERO at this time! (Sheesh) I hate that. sigh...

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