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2023-02-02 - 11:59 p.m.

OMG I almost did not write about one of the most beautiful things.

OK after my friends BD Party weeks ago, I was literally OBSESSED with this incredible man met there.

I mean we were just bonding over our shared Hadestown obsession. I mean it was like we clicked and there was such resonance of emotional understanding, and being SEEN on my end-

Well, he did say Be my friend?
And I said "YES I will be your friend!"
I mean really genuinely

He is really close with my girlfriend-

And I didn't really know that. I just clicked with him at her party and felt irritated with my date who was acting impatient when I was so engaged in conversation with him and my date was somewhat impatient to leave. ( I mean honestly I was just baffled my date was no AS interested in this remarkable man! I mean I did not want to LEAVE that party until I really KNEW who he was.... remember we were in character as it was the mystery dinner party.
And well... I mean it was clear to me that the man was mad talented as an actor; and his costume so on point- he was a perfectionist down to the last detail...

and it was like


WHAT is this level of ... EXTRA .... and TALENT Doing here in our little small town, neck of the woods??

Like what is this incongruence?

I mean I was getting NYC vibes for sure....

Oh and big time gay man vibes... I mean he was so FAMILIAR To me... like ...

like the same kind of ENERGY as my bestie roomie from way back right after college.... roommate before I got married the first time. Who I would go dancing with to the gay bars....

I mean it was just , IDK , so long since met anyone clicked like this with in this PARTICULAR way...

so anyway... there was this connection and then he was so gracious to work with me on the monologue

I mean I am in seven different scenes but honestly it is all about the one for me.

And he honed in on that one too.
I mean he had the same read I did- that ONE monologue is the heartbeat of the performance for me.

We spend most time on it.

And there is a reference to a croched vest.

THAT would be the accessory for that piece.

When he first read it he said "YOU HAVE TO GET THE CROCHED VEST/ That's it!

and he said, heck I feel like we can whip one up in a couple days...

I mean here he was teaching a design class of how to make clothing to high school students. and there was a weaver there ( literally) with a loom and a few people there crocheting.

I mean think the crochet circle but not old ladies- middle aged, with a couple even younger, with this fabulous designer who LOVES to knit and crochet as well as work with fabrics.

He had posted a scarf he made just weeks ago. It is stunning.

OMG and he had this GEORGOUS shirt on yesterday, I mean textured, almost like smocked but not in a tacky way in this incredibly sophisticated way yet paired with jeans and these amazing teal HIKING BOOTS I mean hiking boots with TEAL SWEDE
just freaking unbelievable

OMG I am fan girling....

I mean I wanted to find his IMBD the night I met him.

I was like
He has been in movies. I want to see them all!! HA HA

like he is MY AGE

I want to fan girl the way I fan mom all my son's friends/peers and just have such joy in following their work

with such artistic appreciation of the talent and really of the joy at knowing how hard they all worked to be really exceptional.

I do just have this thing for appreciation of those who work harder and have such intensity and drive and focus and passion to become expert
through their dedication

BUT I thought my fasination as just met this person was weird- so I DID NOT do the search... like held off... but kept wondering... and wondering....

then realized had no idea his name , actual last name...

so could not anyway.

SO the thing is this person I am so happy to have met who said "lets get together-"
I mean at the party we talked of getting together to go shopping at the thrift store. I had no idea then I would be coached- I mean literally given acting coaching to work the script for this show.

And ... he has been crocheting.

I mean how beautiful is that? That he has been crocheting. I didn't want to even hope he mean that and would follow through so I said NOTHING when he said "I feel like we could whip up a chrocheted vest if we can't find one"

It was lie an idea that seemed too good to be true, that someone would be that excited to work on this project with me with such energy and dedication.

It is so beautiful to me.

And then when I came into the thrift store today ( now the thing is- He did not know I was going to be there, or our friends were meeting me THERE. The plan was for him and I to work on the script and costumes yesterday and for my girlfriend and I to meet TODAY but she and I had not yet said the place. She had not talked to him. She and her hubby were off at a friend of theirs the past night after a spa day!
So it was this amazing thing to see him chrocheting and he did let me know the squares he was making just might be a vest.

Unbelievable; it might not be done in time. He said he needs eighteen of them. He said he can't promise but will try to come to the show. ( He said today most likely will make it! But he DOES have a family! I mean he really is a parent to kids here and has family obligations. THAT is why he is here! Away from the city it seems. CHOICE to be raising of kids!)

I was just amazed he was doing this. So incredibly beautiful;

I mean I think I will be able to cry for sure when I deliver the line where I have to cry

Because the beauty of the love of the friends-
I mean spending time with my girlfriend today. She was so beautiful and said it was so good to see me cause she loves me so much. Its like we haven't' had time together in a while and it is so good to connect and she felt so emotionally relieved to unburdened herself- She has had alot in her life that has been ahrd and I have been there wil the and she like me can't open up to most really. I mean more acquaintance like-
so it was so great to have some time over tea and coffee with her and her hubby and connect like we do when we DO see each other. She used to live in this same neighborhood as me and I used to walk over ot her house and sit in her music room while she practiced. It was so lovely to just sit there. My bestie and I would both go and just chill listening to her original compositions for hours.

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