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2023-02-03 - 1:48 p.m.

Good Lord,

I just filed my tax return AGAIN after cross checking all the social security numbers.

So weird-
I had input the wrong # for one of the kids.

It was a number of one of the OLDER INDEPENDENT ones in place of the one for one of the younger actual dependents.


Found it eventually

Heck, all my SS 3s of family are saved somewhere but the thing is those two kids of mine BOTH have the SAME first and middle initials. Last name different but I didn't catch I was reading the wrong line-
as the first two letters are the SAME so my brain just read the wrong line for the kid filing for.

Hope this is finally DONE And correct!!

I have to say I find this software does a great job of vetting for USER error.

Can't really complain when the mistakes have been mine.

Hell I feel old.
I mean true that when it comes to working in any operations systems, young people are SHARPER and FASTER at tasks like this than me.

But I get it done...

so what if it is now ... what... Thu when getting taxes done was the goal for Monday?

I got it done at least.

I also was very pleased the work that came in today was easy.

Flipped that back and am meeting my gal friend now.

HOLY COW its been a busy week. Met three different friends and while that energized me I ALSO find it exhausting. BUT I needed their company!

I need a nap and to bed early tonight.

Honestly I get it how working in theater is therapy.

I am fucking drained.

To be able to bring the emotion have to draw on past experiences.

YEAH so the actor/director design person laughed when I said the one piece was the easy one.

Understatement of course, my flippant comment...


I mean working on that piece brought forth alot.

It is exhausting.
Feel like pulled inside out, then put back together and restuffed and am in need of rest.
Emotionally it was like gut wrenching work

I did not really think about that, or expect it, it just kinda happened.

I so get it what those in theater for years say about it being so transformative. YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH ALL YOUR OWN EMOTIONS

You can't KEEP ignoring them and keeping them stuffed in.

OR you can't act a part with any authenticity.


All those books her that my kid left that I came back. I pulled them out and they include Stella Alder...

I won't go on. That's enough of the idea.

I am just going to read them.

Hell the therapist doesn't want to work with me apparently as not enough of a return from the crappy MEdicare payments he would get.

I will do the work myself.

Think will meet my friend then go for a swim and to bed early tonight on my agenda.

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