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2023-02-05 - 5:53 p.m.

The show was a hit and the experience both super fun and funny.

I had so many laughs with my new friend ( who I met a month ago) getting ready for this, along with the hour of actual acting coaching.

My friend who's party it was we met at and her fabulous hubby came to the show, as well as our mutual friend which was so special to me!

To have friends in the audience was great!
they are BOTH theater people

So both were up for recruitment!
If the stars align we will get to do a future show together!

So fun!

I think the one guy is here through June before planning a move.

He is such fun.

I had such a great time this week working on the performance and then doing it. Feedback was positive! (And my take was genuine).

The other actors are exceptionally talented. I mean their VOICES are incredible. I can hardley believe I had this opportunity to join this ensemble for this piece. (And to recruit an actual trained actor to join them is fabulous!)

I also was happy that after church today I managed to clean my carpets and rugs downstairs! I had just enough time to get that task done.
Yesterday I was pleased to get my Chirstmas decorations all taken down and stored back in the attic.

So the house is clean,
I have a blast of a week preparing for the show and performing it. There was a section I forgot to read to the acting coach- one piece in which there is a funny line about the gal saying how she was reciting in her head the first lines of her published book to drown out her husband....
Book The Joy of Chrochting ( or something like that)

I had told the acting coach there was a surpise for him in the lines as KNEW he would get a kick out of the lines "There is no wrong way to chrochet. There are easier ways, and harder ways, but no WRONG way"

after his crocheing the vest for me to wear for a DIFFERENT scene the past few days! He teaches a design class and is a crafter, and weaves yarn and knits and chrochets.

YES He did get a kick out of that line.

I was pleased with my performance, although truth be told there was wine at intermission and we all had just a little bit-

BUT I have like ZERO Tolerence,

so the second half of the show honestly felt a bit tipsy and decided in future best not to drink the glass of wine at intermission!

Good thing my serious piece was BEFORE intermission. I deliver a monologue which is intensely serious-
but it is RIGHT AFTER a bunch of funny ones.

Someone said it was so good,
like an emotional gut punch
and I did a really good job of slow enough deliver for the impact to sink in.

The acting coach at one point said

"Don't be afraid to make the audience uncomfortable."

"Don't rush the lines. Let them feel the emotional impact."

So I did. I learned that much from this experience.

It was something.

The show was something- very healing for me.

ALSO very theraputic and healing for my friend. It is about women's sotires that are universal. Love and Loss and Dreams Dashed

And my friend who came was in tears at the end. I just hugged her as she spoke to the other cast and told her how impactful and meaningful it was and how it really hit her but helped her-
as she is grieving the loss of her daughters.

I was so glad she and her husband came.

And the friennds who did not make it apparently were not meant to be there. It was a deeply personal moment shared I feel like. And just not theirs.

I did connect with another old friend who was really sweet and gave me some tips as he was a professional comic for a time. I mean I have not been on stage in 30 years! SURE I was good THEN but it has been a LOOONG... time..
so also enjoyed connecting with him to get pointers.

All the help from my friends was so lovingly and gernerously given that it felt like such a gift.

It takes a village... right.

the whole experience was just so theraputic AND CONNECTING ... creating shared connection in community with others.

That is the best part. The deepening of the friendships/relationships through shared experience.

My friend said at the end that it was so wonderful for her to come back to this town she used to live in and realize she DOES HAVE FRIENDS HER that should would like to connect with! It was nice to hear her say that. I think during the dark times of her daughter's challenges, and then their death- it was hard for her to feel love and connection with some old friends- but coming back here was healing for her. Everywhere I went folks asked about the show and I told them my friend was in town to help me get ready for it and the acqaintence would KNOW HER and be delighted and say "Bring her by." OR "Tell her I said hello"
and this was not just lip service, but genuine care and affection for her.
So that was also wonderful to be there for that , for her , today when she felt their love and acceptance that she has not always realized was there.

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