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2023-02-06 - 6:41 p.m.

So I don't have a ton of work coming it;
It does feel good to open up work emails and find contracts sent to me for review from BOTH of my clients!

It feels even BETTER that one sent one of them on FRIDAY but absolutely no stress or worry about sending it back to her with my comments tomorrow. (Its actually one I reviewed and made comments on and she had a couple of follow up questions

AND instructions for me- as agreed with suggestions and wants me to draft some language.)

This client set a turn around time of a few business days. I send her something and it comes back to me a week later. ZERO stress as she gets to things when she can and if I send her something I think it sits in her queue til she has time-

So think it will be impossible for me to be holding up her process ( at least at this time).

I also think she is a remarkable person.

Watch how she ROCKS her Business Development with speaking engagements and Linked IN posts, and blogs, and heck she even wrote a BOOK. I mean she wrote this really good book-

and she is so darn smart.

It is about her PASSION

AND is the best marketing for her company.

It is encouraging and positive and really her success story.

She knows how to be an influencer.

AND unlike SOME

Just has to tell THE TRUTH

as her story is REAL , not some marketing fabrication that makes her look amazing ( while only amazing at SPIN... like some.)
I am positive if someone checks her records they will find she really does have a Harvard Law Degree

Ok, so she doesn't flip stuff back to me that fast cause she is working her butt off at other things.

I like this as it gave me time to also do other things! HA like study lines and go shopping for costumes with my friends; then be in a show!

I mean it was such fun.

And I reviewed the one contract today after I came home from the early shift at the Retirement community.
And after making a kicking good meal of chicken parmesan (DANG it was GOOD! We had spaghetti and meatballs with roasted brussels sprouts last night that were so good, and there was the perfect amt of spaghetti left over as the side dish with tonight's roasted zucchini and chicken parm.)

This was a Home Chef inspiration. Thanks to my tenant who got a gift of some boxes and then decided to donate them to me and another friend! She is a super sweet person and it was so kind of her.

I think Home Chef is great for anyone who does not know how to cook. It is really simple and basic. The chicken recipes are kinda often the same, with just some variation.

They have a few tricks and tips.
I DID learn something new from them.

I NEVER before knew to DRY my meat! Before cooking just soak up any moisture! Seasoning then are absorbed better. If there is any coating it sticks better. This will keep the meat actually moister!

For Chicken dishes they often have chicken breasts coated with seasoning and panko crumbs ( tonight the seasoning had garlic salt and dried red pepper in it)-and fried 4-5 minutes on each size to brown, then stick it in the oven to finish baking at a high temp ( 425).

Then cover with whatever you are seasoning- oh and always some salt and pepper too-be it tomatoe sauce and grated parm and mozzarella like tonight, or a roasted red pepper paste, or habenaro peppers , or fried onions ...or honey mustard.

I mean you can basically make any kind of fancy chicken dish! pull out any soup mix that has a dip recipe and follow it and throw that on the chicken and cover with some cheese and melt it and it will taste delicious.

(I think of that as they did this dill sauce once, and I swear it was like one of those dip mixes).
Oh apricot jelly was used once!

I mean the options are endless it seems of what you can throw on chicken breasts.

So tip #1 was DRY The meat before seasoning and cooking.

Tip #2 is you can take ANY Veggie you like, I mean seriously ANYTHING, and heat an over to $425 and coat the veggie with oil and garlic and salt and pepper and pop it in the over and roast it.

Can't go wrong.

So the chicken parm ( with the red pepper for a bit of spice) was a super fast and good dinner!

Now to work to review the contract from the other client!

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