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2023-02-07 - 9:24 a.m.

Well rested; hot cup of tea and the dishes are done. Morning meditative reading ( kinda like prayer. My DC gal friend who is so beautiful, spiritual, thoughtful and a guide to others in their spiritual life published her newletter.

I did not understand why the resurgence of newsletter. She is an award winning blogger ( I mean EARLY adopter of that. Won media awards) and journalist for years.

Seasoned pro-
so I was wondering why a NEWSLETTER
that is EMAILED

I mean I thought email is DEAD

BUT.... she explained in one early entry about this (forthcoming work) ...that in this day of media being usurped by corporate interests

Video Killed the Radio Star and
Corporations Killed all Newsprint and Video
Leaving Journalism in hospice care

Well..after providing hospice care to her parents.
her gentle care for journalism is manifest in the unadulterated, unadorned or tarnished with ads, newsletter where she can highlight uplifting stories of spaces and places that elevate us as a community or individually ( which becomes the collective being elevated whether seek that or not really).

I mean the joy of one person loving weaving, shared then heals and grows to be joy and healing not only for that person...

the yarn I unraveled today reminded me of that

With my youngest's comment "This fabric is so soft."

I laughed at her calling the woven yarn FABRIC
BUT YES it really is

Once the yarn is woven into textile- sure it becomes fabric. Greater than the strands once yarn... greater than the wool once spun

Maybe this will revitalize someone else the way I feel like this gift ... of this prop..
I mean that was so remarkable and fun, that this artist who loves their craft and the joy of theater creation was willing to share their talent with me.

I felt so happy this week working on the little reader's theater. It was such a small thing but so big for me.

So hugely healing I mean it forced me to address some things needing to unpack.

And was so amazing to connect with my old, and new friend.

I would have loved if my guy dating in DC could have come, and my gal friend from DC too. But it logistically was challenging for both of them. And honestly I felt like I needed the time this weekend (not only in preparing for the show) but to CLEAN MY HOUSE
It feels SO GOOD to have gotten that done

The room done early in the week, laundry and then the final getting around to cleaning the carpet and throw rugs in the living room.

I was reminded it is not really THAT Big of a job. It seemed a bigger job in my head.
SO today's TO DO:

Contracts work for client
THEN EXERCISE I WILL GO SWIM Somehow I keep putting it off. I intentionally DID NOT shower yet as will do that when get there and don't want to kill my hair. (Too much washing not good for it! Older get the dryer hair and skin are!)

I need to balance budget... be sure the mortgage and other essential bills went through. It is tight still.

See if there is enough for the $8.95 (Dang I have not found CLEARANCE hair color in my color lately! It was such a good run for years of this color going on clearance! I think it has become more popular in recent years to be honest. I see ladies with my color red all the time now. Day's of $3.50 a box on clearance I can stock up on may be over. But truth be told the Revlon touch up is pretty reliable and that jumping between brands NOT worth it as it was hit or miss.)

Why is it so damn hard to spend money even on freaking hair color for ME , still???

STILL need to fix that issue.

It's ridiculous.

*OK Not when don't HAVE the cash... but I mean when HAVE the money. DAMN that Kennedy Center Subscription last year was the BEST CHOICE I made.

*Funny my pics were all nominated for the Helen Hayes awards. I mean I have a knack for knowing what will be great theater. I somehow know how to pick a great show...
some were wild cards I knew nothing about, like A Monster Calls which was marvelous. Picked only based on the description in the Kennedy Center Catalogue. BUT heck it is Kennedy Center which is why worth the investment as someone already DID THE WORK and curated only great performances!

Then AFTER the swim

Yup it is always on the Monday list.

EMAIL the one actor worked with who is so lovely and who also happens to work in ADA training. I forget the org she is with but WOWZAA!! The jackpot of finding the expert that EVERY ONE OF MY FORMER FORTUNE 100 EMPLOYERS REALLY NEEDS !!

Seriously, I will give her names and if can find them emails of who to pitch to.

I will just be sure she does not tell them I am referring her! (HA HA)

I think I will send her the letter, just for laughs, that I wrote and sent as a cover letter to a contract manager job at the place I worked as a analyst. I saw the posting and was like "What the hell. I need to apply for another job this week." (It was a busy one actually had lots of hours filling in at the retirement community at the low wage "Retirement" Job.. HELL I always wanted to have that job in queue.. remain there so can continue to work there WHEN I RETIRE... but it is not time yet! SCARY Just read a study that showed MANY over 50 are FORCED into early retirement as the trend continues that large companies push out folks over 50. Nothing new. I hope to win the battle and not be pushed out YET.)

I always also said I would get back to theater in my retirement.

NO I am not there yet.

Nor is my YOUNGER BROTHER who STILL is trying to land his next bank management gig.

* He made the mistake of quitting to take time off and it is SUPER hard to go back. Hard to get back in! Our society does not value those who intentionally save money to be able to stop work to travel. It is seen as suspect. To want to enjoy life and play guitar and create music and joy.

OH yeah

and on today's TO DO

after repurpose the hilarious prop vest ( the show had a crocheted vest and my friend made a mock up of one- modifying a shawl)

AH bestie calling from West Coast...
so change of agenda just a bit. HA The positive reinforcer not going least as such
as while I chat with her now I am completing the repurpose back to a shawl as unraveling the yarn that made it a vest.
Its relaxing.

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