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2023-02-15 - 11:32 p.m.

Fucking A

Yes I am cursing again.

I had cleaned the heck out of my room, put down dicidious earth,
IRONED the mattress and sheets that were put back on my bed,

and actually after all that was sleeping well at night not itchy.

But honestly it started again and I felt the bites-

and damn

when was pulling clothing out of my closet found the box of BED BUG DETECTORS

and put them out.

It was not long before saw the specks- they look like small BUBBLES or else litte holes- tiny depressions in the detector.


I had put three of the four left in the box in my room.

AND I put one at the foot of the post- next to it, in my one kid's room.

What sucks is that THAT Detector ALSO has a couple depressions.

Which means not only am I NOT CRAZY

* MY kids are fucking irritating me calling me PARANOID and their response is fucking bullshit gaslighting
one had the nerve to say
"Take your meds"


Evidence of an problem Trying to show them and they are gaslighting me as if it is in my head.

THIS Is what someone who was telling me about the fucking chemical spill after the Ohio train derailment felt like.

Gaslighting and the powers to be acting like their fears are only unreasonable in their head

when there is fucking real evidence of harm and actual serious issue in front of their faces. In case you missed it:

As if the major environemental disaster was not bad enough, the local cops were idiots to also arrest a journalist for actually talking in a public forum while someone was giving a news brief, which no matter how you look at it was him doing his freaking job. It was a stupid move on the part of the cops which made matters worse as it appeared by some to be thwarting of the story being told. I mean there were authorities saying "Stop the reporting" so of course people are going to get highly upset and wonder if there was intent to try to cover up the fact of the atrocity of the chemical spill.

and this- the good news that the water source of much of Ohio is unaffected

but that is not to minimize the real tragedy of the chemical spill and harm in the existing area impacted. (even if some thought its reach was further and that was false it is still a grave concern for those in East Palestine , Ohio and its surrounding areas bathed in Toxic chemicals. OK why the hell did the gov of Ohio refuse federal help?? That makes no fucking sense when they have not yet been to EVERY House to test their water...

So, back to the matter at hand for me- My room due for the deep clean AGAIN

I am just super bummed that the dicidious earth which is surrounding the perimeter of my room -in all the cracks at baseboards, and at the base of my bed AND the natural remedy clove oil stuff bought on line- so called Bed bug killer cleaner

WAS not sufficient.

I had cleaned my bed thoroughly I mean I took it APART- and cleaned in between the wood slots ( There was some bad built up dust etc... I figured that was where they were hiding)

and had the matress against the wall as I vacumed ( used the robo vac- which I also cleaned well so it would not harbor anything OH WAIT I CLEANED THE LIVING ROOM ROBO... DAMN I vacumed and cleaned but DID NOT clean the DAMN ROBO VAC In this room....

shit that is likely where there is a happy haven of them. )

Shit forgot that one fundamental thing now that think of it.

Waiting for bills to clear ( like always) and then will buy a good vacume As soon as all bills paid and have enough to do so. ( Before paying another medical co pay. Vacume will come FIRST this time...)

AND more of those fumigating bombs to kill the buggers.

I also found one of them I had bought and never used - in my closet. I have been armed.
Hot shot dicidious earth and the bug bomber.

I bought a two oack and last year cleaned the heck and the issue seemed mitigated and the bed bug detectors put down then showed no activity after the remedies used. So last year I think I got rid (WAIT NOT LAST YEAR... whenever... it was longer I think).... I mean I thought I got rid of issue
or maybe just mitigated it for a while

and maybe it was just the unpacking of the NYC boxed stuff that sat here OR maybe just my recent trio ( YEAH I should call my kid who went and see if she is having any issues) REally I could have just gotten this brand new batch from that trip to NYC.

I mean NYC is known to have a big issue and I should have known BETTER than to at some point put my back pack on the floor of the hotel. I initially did put it on the luggage rack and advised my kid to not put bag on the floor at all. BUT then I guess I just got careless.

I also wore the nightgown ONCE so of course decided to wear it again- the one packed. Actually I just finally unpacked that back pack. When I cleaned I had dicideous earth surrounding it It was sitting in the corner of my room with the white powder outlining it.

So freaking aggrevating.

SO I will clean the heck out of everything again tomorrow. I suppose good I have time for this, right? I had just a couple hours of work and they were early in the week, If something comes in it will not be for more than a couple of hours I would have to do work for anyone else and will still have more than enough time to clean the heck out of this space, spray the cleaners again all over this matress and box spring and every part of the bed frame.

I do think the stuff works to an extent. I am just sure I did not get ALL The source of the problem with it.

How to prevent? Avoid clutter and piles of clothes the buggers love to nest in.

Unlike LICE these buggers do not travel ON people

That is the only good news.

If I clean the heck out of my room and then also run to the laundromat again with my laundry on Friday- and clean my fucking car

YES That will be done too

And spray the heck out of my car with the cleaner (I have to buy more!! CRAP will order now and hope it comes quickly)
and then just shower and dress in clothing that was freshly washed and back from the laundromat (not even put away in drawers or my over packed closet full of BINS Of clothes I mean the clutter that is the stuff to avoid having as perfect habitat!)

Well I should not be then likely to be carrying any unwanted interlopers on my person.

I will literally do laundry and then shower and pack a different bag (NOT the one I took to NYC

oH WAIT I suppose I can LAUNDER that backpack.. There is a thought- hot water wash and hot dryer. YES That is a good plan); and wash a jacket; and anything I bring with me and don't bring one damn thing up to my room that I take with me.

I mean I have to plan this out as this weekend I AM going to my guy friend's.

I WILL NOT take any unwanted visitors to him.

So then after I do the cleaning, of the room and my car, and the laundry, and am packed to go

The last thing I will do is put off the BUG BOMB in my bedroom as I leave.

This just sucks.
I did see Hadestown

If these came from the NYC trip Jan 3 where stayed in Times Square all in all the way I have to look at it is

Was that worth it?

I suppose so,
It was Hadestown after all! I mean for me a near religious experience...

sure it sucks and annoying and an inconvienience

but it was freaking Hadestown.

*I am convinced this time around it was that trip. I mean the timing of this onset.

AH YUP Our hotel NOT on the list but right there.... and known to be a hot spot.

I was just careless. I did put the bag on the ground and further I then pulled clothes out and wore them again and then put them in the pile of worn but not yet dirty enough to wash in my bathroom; and I wore the PJS in my bed once home...

basically I was not careful.

I should have known better after the LAST NYC trip and then the resurgence of itching after unpacking the stuff.

OK back to bed. I was asleep at 9 (or before) I was tired. I was resting, til woke up itchy I mean I was feeling bites on my FACE of all things! and itching...
then on my arms.

I woke up thirsty and skin dry and itchy. I colored my hair tonight but did not put lotion on so got up solely to get some water and get some lotion.

I do feel MUCH better after applying lotion- but of course AH HA there again there on the surface of my arm was one little red looking bugger that I wiped off my skin.

That is one of the craziest experiences. The applying of lotion that coats bugs so they can't breath and you see them come off your body.


But in the moment at the same time the validation of not being crazy and imagining things.

The detectors showed a number of depressions , more in one particular corner of my bed..
ah now that I think about it that makes sense as that is right next to the ROBO VAC! I am sure that is where they are hanging...
that side of the bed detector had lots of activity in it- lots of little depressions from buggers...
The other side of my bed ( near where I sleep!) had just a couple of signs but yes still captured a few- three I think?

The detector in kid's room down the hall showed ONE or maybe two indentations.

Not as many- hard to see. The kids were trying to tell me it was in my head but hell no- they then were shown the trap from MY Room which is undeniable.

I am most bummed about the signs of them down the hall. That sucks.
My kid is difficult. I will however get a bomb for THAT room too and give it to her to set off when she sees fit- to set off and close the door and stay out of the area for a while. She HAS to treat that space too and likewise the THIRD upstairs bedroom of the other kid. I did not put a trap in there. That kid got some hand me downs from the NY box so think should test there too! BUT the other kid is closer to me and the robo vac has gone from my room down the hall to that room
AND that kid has herself grabbed the vacume from my room to have it run in her room so I suspect that is the reason there is activity there. The other kid has not vacumed in a while so possible there are none there. But that kid has to freaking clean that room as well and I will of course order MORE of these traps to test there too! ALSO to test AFTER fumigate the whole upstairs which frankly SHOULD be done all at the same time- but I am not going to linger and wait for the kid to get that room cleaned and de cluttered to be ready and agree to do that as have to treat my area now.

If my self help fails then I will have the pest control company I already have come for other things.... *(they spray outside quarterly and come inside when I request. This is essential when rent the basement to mitigate SPIDERS coming in and ants... etc.)

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