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2023-02-16 - 2:23 a.m.

This is interesting

I thought of my winery owner friend who would say all sorts of outlandish things which were so clearly just made up

Crazy shit

Talking of the famous people he knows

and the bragging of houses in other countries

or going away and acting like it was for work that he could not speak of ( as if top secret) , when I am sure he was in a hospital for his own self care.
(He came back much more stable but for the fact of still lying to self and having compulsive grandiose stories that he needed to tell).

I still count this person as a friend and enjoy chilling at the winery and once he gets over the braggart moments it is nice when he chills and relaxes and just hangs with me sometimes.

Once in a while...

but that is the thing with narcissists.

You can't ever really get CLOSE to have a authentic deep relationship. EVEN if they are genuinely someone that might want you as a real friend it is not going to happen.

OK really will go to bed after listening to the rest of this...
(I got up as remembered I did not send resume to a recruiter I got msg with.Figured I better just get it done when thought of it then go back to bed...but you know... turned on the computer AGAIN...and saw some ad for this.. HA Fell into the internet hole for a moment.)

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