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2023-02-17 - 12:46 p.m.

Damn wrote too long

OK that is rumination for sure

also have to walk the dog.

so nix laundromat.

There is a drawer I have not worn the clothes from in a long time cause have so many and the bins from closet plastic bins Found a bag from top shelf NO bed bugs could be in the closet on top shelf! No interest food etc and they are new to my space only a month...
and the only NEW thing added there was the freshly washed linens that came from the laundromat to be put on the shelf two weeks ago.

SO walking the dog, changing and going.

The biggest issue is fucking pants that fit from the drawer. They fit but NOT WELL

CE la vie...

won't look my best but will be sure the clothing is not at risk for interlopers.

The dog is in the basement bedroom and I called as want to take her for a walk.

Can't find my cell phone.


so two minutes here to document it.

So yeah no time for anything but DOG WALK

find freaking phone ( here somewhere? )

has to be here...
pack and leave.

I already showered.
I can take these clothes off and change into some from the drawer have not worn stuff from in a while.


I am using a bag from the shelf so no worry it can't be a carrier!!
My car JUST WAS CLEANED! Will Can spray and wipe it down as look for the cell phone. I mean that only takes 5 min. can soak it good so no critters there.
One hour 10 min... to get it done and be on time.

We are heading to a DC show and need to eat dinner and take public transportation as my guy's car died. He is relying on public Transporation til he gets a new one, and the occasional car rental when needs a car.

Just wish the dog came when I called.

The tenant was on phone I hear her. But I don't enter her space. I text

I could text and ask her open bedroom door to let dog up.

Will call again... cause have to walk her before I leave for a good walk
that is priority actually.

The kid here will walk her when awake (they took her for a walk the day before yesterday actually and when I go they do walk her. When I am here it is once in a blue moon.)

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