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2023-02-17 - 4:29 p.m.

Just had a good idea. Add the remaining solution that is the natural remedy- clove oil and what not that kills buggers TO MY CARPET CLEANER and steam clean the carpet in the teen's room. (The one room where found buggers) AND THE HALLWAY to that room! YES A good plan.

I don't want to even send a robo vacume into the other room.
Was thinking how I have to take it apart and CLEAN IT.

Then vacume AFTER it dries and then do the CLEANING Of the device again. But that should only be sent in the one room and my room and hall where it has been as that might be how the bugger got in teens room.

would love to vacume the other yound adult's room where they did clear the floor and steam clean it too BUT AM afraid to enter that room might bring something in it. That is the catch 22.
And I don't want to bring the vacume from UPSTAIRS to that room because there COULD be somethign in that room already and then if did that could be then bringing it TO the living room if bring that living room robovacume back down to living room.

THIS is why exterminators fumigate whole houses.


My tenant is asleep sick in the basement. I need to talk to her too to let her know I have this guy coming. She said SURE to having an exterminator. I had told her I might have one come but that was when talking of NORMAL pest control! She is FINE with me having one come into the basement and gave the go ahead even if she is not home BUT of course

NOWit is the WEEKEND and she is not only home but SICK and ASLEEP

I know I won't see much of her. She is sleeping. I heard a deep cough. I swear she has to have COVID. Not sure if her Dr. testedher.

I am hearing reports of folks who were told had one thing but self tested postive for COVID.

Oh in other news we had the date plans for two events. One a compedy show in DC tonight and the next a theater performance tomorrow which-

was cancelled as four actors came down with COVID.

Now if you look up the STATS of #s in my county they say ZERO. BULLSHIT

When I was in my show, the director played one person's parts as one gal did not show as she tested postive for COVID! She caught if from a student ( she teaches piano in her home).

It is still going around. And I swear at higher rates but many are not THAT Sick. MANY STILL ARE however although because vaccinated not dying.

But the igoring facts and not reporting it is real. YET another example of how the value of truth was not deemed as high as other values. Many are fine with that. I GET IT
There is merit in a society functioning as it is used to-
in folks being OK going out and doing things without fear.

BUT I feel like we could all still do things while masking without fear. It is not fear based when wearing a mask but reality based.

Oh well.

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