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2023-02-17 - 12:59 p.m.

OK, I did call down and my sweet tenant heard.

Bellatrix is the sweetest dog.

My tenant was sick so when had gone to visit her family but they all got sick she hunkered down for the week- a bit over a week and just came back a couple days ago.
She went to work, thought she was better

but then got really sick again and has been staying home resting.

Bellatrix now just wants to be by her side!! I think dogs KNOW and it is like the dog wants to give her company.

So my tenant heard and we I was calling the sweet dog but she was the cutest not leaving her side. She picked her up and I met her halfway down the stairs for the hand off.

The lovely lady needs to sleep and rest. My kid needs to be the one responsible for the dog so after the walk I am going to bring the dog upstairs to the 20 yr old who was happy spending time with her the past couple of days. When no one else is competing for the dogs attention and it is JUST THEM, the 20 yr old and she bond.

I had wanted to color my hair and wanted the tenant who loves my dog to get good rest without the dog running back and forth so asked the 20 yr old then to spend time with her. She did.

So the 20 yr old is on dog duty now for the weekend. The 18 yr old just LOVES the dog too and is more proactive in coming to get her and bring her in her room. The 20 yr old does enjoy time when asked but doesn't seek out time with the dog. I think however both the dog and the 20 yr old will enjoy their time together with no one else around for a change as the 18 yr old also took off for the weekend.

When making the weekend plans the DC guy asked "Can you come two nights? Are the kid ok or do you need to be there?"

Heck no-
the more independence for the kids here the better.

The less I am around now I am convinced the more they will grow into their own. * Opposite what I felt they needed the prior few years where my presence was paramount.

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- - 2023-02-17


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