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2023-02-17 - 5:25 a.m.

I did not go to sleep.

I have a report for a chuch committee to knock off before resting a couple more hours then attacking my room!

But first- to vent.

I read a report that was just AWFUL from a newpaper (on line)

It is just IRRESPONSIBLE reporting to be afraid to actually tell uncomfortable truths and this is a trend that is worrisome.
I mean the reality is that news outlets at FIRST were not transparently telling the FACTS Of the derailed trains in Ohio. That was concerning.

The trend it to just publish the rehased PR info sent out

That folks is fucking MARKETING

How dumb can so called journalists be?


So when you get a SMART journalist who shows up to actually report FACTS as EXPERIENCED and OBSERVED first hand

and the dude gets arrested-

YEAH that is a concern. As it is clearly because Someone wanted to control the narrative rather than share FACTS.

So this also bugs the shit out of me

SO once again
This fucking REPORT that does not give the FACTS
LIKELY because the so called reporter did no due diligence. Did not take the drive to the town to talk to the folks to SEE the actual flyers spoken of first hand. So the narrative was set by the local police dept.


BIAS flyers?? What does that even mean, I mean no one is going to pay a bit of attention to that article. They will glaze over and read onto other things.

It is a NON NEWS article


Has ZERO added value

bias against what?? That tells us NOTHING. Bias against women? kids? disabled?
UNLESS you already are a first hand person experiencing it and know what the hell it is talking about.


NON Reporting

the FACTS of the matter are those that the public have a right to be made aware of so they can respond AND so they can actually pay attention and look for if any further concerns arise in their neighborhoods

because in this case

The fucking KKK is heavily trying to recruit in Virgina.

So here are some BETTER journalistic handling of the matter where they tell it like it is-
not the particular instance NOW this week but SIMILAR in the past and it really is the SAME Story as this group is going all over the state, town by town and doing the same thing TO RECRUIT!

so I can only assume the current event is same group, same flyers, next town on the KKK Marketing campaign

Why is this important, lest we forget:

Unmitigated hate leads to violence.
No one can stop the evil they can not see.

We all need to be AWARE Of the actual facts of what is going on around us! I mean if news outlets can't report facts, folks can't proactively respond to facts.
If news outlets use PR marketing to control narratives and do not do the due diligence of research and investigative journalism- and I mean PRIMARY Reserach- going on site of where somethign happens and taking pictures and reporting the truth of what they see. NO Editorializing needed even-

just reporting the facts

then folks have AWARENESS and can make their own judgements on how to handle a situation

as opposed to being BLIND
and not having a clue of what is actually going on.

and then being POWERLESS to made good decisions.

I mean if the news did not finally report the Ohio spill think of how many people would have just hung out at home while there was a chemical burn going on nearby.

FACTS WERE That they did not evacuate ALL THE folks who were to be affected. They only evacuated the IMMEDIATE area whereas the chemical burn was affecting a larger radius.



But others WERE NOT informed and you know some may have health issues.

I mean serious fucking life long health concerns

because of the irresponsiblity of allowing some interest CONTROL THE NARRATIVE

for their interest

and a the death of actual journalism

This is what the old saying "Democracy Dies in Darkness" really means-

and why The Washington Post adopted it as their slogan on the top of their header.

The scientists are weighing in on twitter. Some are then writing stories of the twitter storm of overreaction and hype not based on science.
BUT some are not doing their homework and are listening to someone else that wants to control the narrative. They write those reports "fact checking" but I don't think actually chased down every scientist who is an epedimiplogust on twitter. ( Fuckign Rueters ran such nonsense! I mean Reuters called it "Fact checking" but did not follow the SCIENTISTS who are all over twitter, and discord, and matesdon etc)

Sure some may be sensationalist ( I mean like the story of the lady who spend $9000 on her cat's healthcare due to the effects... heck that seemed a sensationalist story cause it made it read to me that there were not other animals dying or sick or people dying or sick so the one animal found ill was dramatized. I mean I read that and it is stories like that which do not help people take concerns seriously.
Cause how much empathy do you have for someone who chose to run up a 9K Vet bill to detox their cat? Is the fact the cat needs another 9K in care developing empathy? To me the story being of a cat made it seem like-- well the reporter could not find cases of HUMAN'S having actual harm, is that the best he could do? BUT the harm does not appear right away from toxic chemical poisoning- not necessarily OR the poisoning more severe is only seen at first in what appear to be mild symptoms but later prove chronic or fatal but they can't be SEEN externally.

But I thought the cat story did not help people take the spill seriously
It did not for me cause I thought the story there was a Vet OVERCHARGING hoping that the company responsible for the derailment would pay the bill

Seriuosly how could it ACTUALLY COST 18K to make that cat well??? REALLY???

Its a freaking cat What would the vet do that really would cost that much? I suppose not out of norm of prices charged?(Now that I think about it hospital stay for pets is thousands.My little dog got hit by a car once- really, and they wanted $4000 I think to keep the pet. I said NO thanks to hospitalization and got some pain killer meds for the pet to take and took Bellatrix home where she was medicated to avoid her moving and hurting herself further as well as to not feel the pain of the accident where she was hit and bruised. No internal bleeding and looked like the car went over her butt- really crushed her tail and part of butt but she healed and bounced back.Like she ran and caught the end of her end but no bones broke as the tail just smashed) OR IT WAS SO CLOSE that it looked like hit?(we think really hit as there was a smushed depression of her tail and back end and she was laying .. My one kid saw it happen. She was a puppy about a yr old when the older kids visited for Christmas and were not used to her- and someone opened the door and did not realize crazy hyper puppy loved to try to run outside all the time! So she ran and the kids all chased her which for her is the wrong way to get her to stop! She keeps going thinking it a game. College gal came home and did not know this at the time, and older kids visiting who don't live here- my son and oldest... and it was a tramatic Christmas that 2nd year we had her!! She was the Christmas gift the year before and everyone was so upset but she bounced back.. OK all that cause yeah it was crazy bill to keep her overnight for observation...
so I suppose the 9K VET bill for a cat not really insane... if that is what they do charge....)

BUT The stories are now coming in more... not to minimize the significance of that lady's beloved cat being poisoned.

It is a concern. My point being there was attempt to make it seem like only a few extra exaggerated fear based irrational dramatic, overly dramatic folk were exaggerating and jumping to false and unreasonable conclusions of harm and attmept to deflect from reality and facts...
and if the only thing found was one story it makes it seem like perhaps there is exaggeration...


just go on twitter and LOOK UP THE SOURCES

and you see there are SCIENTISTS
like this

and its clear there are many that are KNOWLEDGABLE ... I mean he is an epimediologiist likely popular on twitter due to his understanding of COVID... I want the environmental scientists as better examples but they are out there and you have to find them and I have but tired now so stopping the search with only what popped up first and next..

as heck the reality is now being told


but it was fucking insane that at first it was minimized but now the
Ohio senator is calling for help ( BUT WHY THE HELL ARE THE FEDS NOT THERE?? WHERE IS FEMA?)

Yeah, it was bullshit that there was no story on this for a good week until AFTER one of the most toxic environmental disasters happened in the U.S. in our history.

I mean this is the LOVE CANAL Story all over again.

OK NOw I am ready to sleep... tired myself out...

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